All Year Long

Dress, rings - H&M, $15, $6

My spring quarter here at university is finally coming to close. Today was officially the last day of classes but I have two critiques, one on Monday and another on Tuesday, followed by two final exams, and not to mention the senior fashion show where I'll be working all day Saturday. I've started packing up my room so that I'm ready to move out when my parents come to pick me up next week. I started to feel a bit nostalgic as I sorted through all of the things I had collected on my desk over the past ten months: concert tickets, museum maps, magazine clippings, messages scribbled on Post-It notes. 

The weather has been sunny and sweltering hot all week; I got a bit of sunburn just walking to and from class on campus! Wearing anything more than just a little summer dress would be illogical, with which I have no complaints. I also applied some of my newly acquired Photoshop skills and edited the header a little bit (the last one was actually made in Picnik). Believe it or not, I actually applied something I learned in my Computer Design 100! (gasp!)

Speaking of my desk, it's currently in a complete sense of disarray. Bits of cardboard and basswood dowels are stuck to my cutting mat with globs of glue and the entire surface is just covered with sawdust! Some of my projects have been damaged beyond repair thanks to my carelessness, but after all the hours I put into them I just don't have to heart to throw them out just yet.

One of my last projects is this over-sized self portrait due in my drawing class.

Now that I've taken down all of the posters and magazine pages that covered my walls, my room feels so barren. Don't get me wrong, of course I'm glad to go back home where I can relax for the summer, but I'm going to miss the city the most. I've been swamped with work these past couple of weeks, so my posts have been scarce, but I hope to really get into the swing of blogging this summer. I'll have more time on my hands to hone my photography skills, too. I'm also determined to learn how to play the ukulele, just for a little bit of fun!

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  1. I'm having my exams too...hard time! ^^ Your plans for the summer are great, especially the ukulele part!
    P.s.: lovely rings!