Summertime Clothes

Free People Georgia Dress, Collar necklace - H&M, Sandals - Schutz via Piperlime

When I was still braving the humid heat that plagues Philadelphia each summer this dress was my savior. Thankfully, I'm no longer suffering under the heavy weight that is an East Coast summer because I'M IN PRAGUE! If you follow me on Instagram then you're probably up to date with my latest tourist endeavors, but don't worry, there are quite a few formal posts to follow.

I'm sad to say that this dress did not make it with me to Europe. In a last-minute endeavor to lighten my luggage and along with an underestimate of how hot it can get in the Czech Republic in July, I tossed my lace-trim love aside. Is it the end of the world? Of course not, especially not considering that there are six Zara stores AND a Bershka in Prague. Goodbye, souvenir budget. Hello, new European summer wardrobe.


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