Our last full day in San Fran commenced with a visit to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. As per our guide's suggestion, we grabbed some Korean tacos and took in the view of the Bay Bridge (and some pictures, too). 

An obligatory trolley ride took our tourist festivities down to Fisherman's Wharf. We had been there the night before to have bread bowls of chowder for dinner and Ghirardhelli sundaes for dessert. We were drawn to Pier 39 by the sounds of  barking sea lions basking in the sun, and eavesdropped on a tour guide who was talking about how all of the ones at Pier 39 are male; they'll migrate to the south to a beach full of females. 
After I insisted that we brave the ridiculous crowd at In-N-Out, we had a run-in the Bush Man. Somewhat of a local legend, the Bush Man is a homeless man who hides behind a cluster of branches on the sidewalk in an attempt to be inconspicuous. He jumps out at people walking by and then demands money or change from them, and it's just as funny to watch as it sounds.