Facine for Club Monaco Small Satchel, Anniel for Club Monaco Heeled Velvet Flats, both sold out

Fewer but better. This philosophy has all but permeated my social circles, both in real life an online (isn't it also crazy that we now need to differentiate the two?). I can't say I prescribe to this mantra completely and fully, not just yet anyway.  I have, however, learned the benefits of investing in two things: shoes and bags. After been burned one time too many by cheap pieces, I decided to make a change for the better. I've also, over the past year or so, become a small bag woman. I remember how I used to only carry satchels that would fit my DSLR, notebook, some snacks, and maybe even an extra pair of shoes if I was going to work. Now, my iPhone 7 has replaced my camera and lens, and I live in grandma heels that can seamlessly transition from work to play. This means my bags are smaller, easier to wield and hold only the essentials. I swear, I'm not complaining. If there ever were a burden to be lifted off my shoulders, this would be it.


On A Mission to Feed the World

FEED High Tide Pouch and FEED 10 Pouch

Lauren in the Peibi Top, Ryta Pant and carrying the FEED High Tide Pouch

FEED 1 Bag

Inside the Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Prince St.

Another February is coming to a close, and I have a feeling that conquering this last stretch of winter will be hard on all of us here in New York. Morale is low. Even on a good day, it can be hard to step outside of yourself, and hard to acknowledge the privilege you have, despite how ill-willed our nation's leadership may be. We have clean, running water; heat in the winter so overwhelming we actually have to open our windows to let some of that heat out in order to make our apartments bearable; fresh food and ripe product is on market stands around every corner. It's for this reason that I admire Lauren Bush and other women like her, women who are able to step outside of themselves and recognize that our privilege and freedom is better used to lift other up. She's on a mission to feed the world.

Photos by me for Club Monaco



Flashback to a warm summer day at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. We've reached the tail end of winter and I all I want is to feel the warmth of the sun on my bare shoulders.