Fair Trade

Purple lace dress $25, rings - H&M *photos of me by Shannon
Back in May, my friend Shannon and I trekked down the the Schuylkill River trail in search of a decent location for a portrait photography assignment. I admittedly went into a bit of a state of shock as I was editing these photos and realized that not only were they taken back in May, but that nearly a month had passed since. In between classes, final projects, internship applications, over a dozen interviews, and even seemingly normal tasks like grocery shopping, I've felt extraordinarily busy. Luckily, it's been more of a manageable state of constant occupation as opposed to a more overwhelming one. Sadly, other than shooting projects for the photography class I took last term, my camera has barely seen the light of day. I've resolved to remedy that this summer, and perhaps I'll even end up enjoying myself more if I seek out activities that are worth documenting. 

My absence on here is partly due to my devotion to increase my time-management skills, my lack of which proved detrimental to my sleep schedule this past winter. I pulled far too many all-nighters because I left my work until the last minute, a habit I'm determined to change. I haven't been taking as many photos, and when I do it's either on assignment for the newspaper or as part of my photography class. I've also purchased a handful of books over the past couple of months that I have yet to touch. I've lightened my course load over the summer term, seeing as I'm already ahead of schedule, and left some time to just relax. And while I've been the worst, most inattentive blogger ever, I have been tweeting up a storm. Sometimes I manage to tweet some pretty clever things (sometimes).

My already inhumanely short summer break of one week was cut even shorter due to a number of interviews and obligations. I spent last Monday working my way through Midtown in Manhattan, and even if I don't end up working in New York come this fall, at least I'll know that I have some serious interviewing experience under my belt. I stepped into an elevator and my jaw hit the floor when I saw literally dozens of some of the most internationally recognized fashion brands listed on the wall. I was also tempted to stop on every floor and leave my resume with the receptionist and shamelessly beg for a lowly internship position. And despite experiencing a minor quarter life crisis as I anticipated the arrival of my 20th birthday at the end of last month, I've never been more confident in my choice of major, and ultimately my future career. I'd call that a fair trade.