Soirée dernière à Paris

Several weeks ago my friend and I volunteered to help at one of the PIFA (Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts) events and in exchange got free tickets for Last Party in Paris. In all honesty, the only thing French about the event was this light-up Eiffel tower in the lobby of the Kimmel Center. There was music by some sort of jazz band and a bar, but no food was being served, so my friends and I popped over to a chocolate cafe for some yummy desserts.

We shared this souffle, with melted milk chocolate, white chocolate, and toffee to dip bananas, strawberries, cookies, and brownies in. My favorite part was the little fire to roast marshmallows over; it was like an entire dessert presentation! If anyone is ever around 15th and Walnut, I'd most definitely recommend Max Brenner's for some really different chocolate desserts.

I wore this new dress that I had ordered from Asos a couple of weeks ago. It reminded me of this look from the Erdem S/S 2011 show and it was on sale so it basically put itself into my shopping cart. Now I'm on the look-out for a pair of wrap-around red sandals, too. My mother had always told me that red complimented my natural coloring, but strangely enough I didn't own any red dresses, and so it was a welcome addition to my closet. I'd like to think this is a step in the direction towards making more thoughtful purchases rather than buying impulsively every floral print I see. I'd also like to style it during the day with some flat shoes and maybe a leather belt, too.

I had forgotten about these tights with their cool little texture yet subtle color. Had they been anything but this neutral tone I wouldn't have chosen them to wear with this dress, but I like the combination of textures. I'm also continually impressed with these sandals, as I wore them all day and all night and my feet are still fully functioning.

Any ideas on how I would wear this dress for day? I was thinking sans-tights, but I'd like to hear what you all think!

Red lace dress - $30, Asos
Nude patterned tights
Brown braided wedge sandals - $16, Ross
Silver bird cage necklace

Insane, Outsane

Fridays this term are proving to be really quite demanding! I start off my morning with a 3 hour computer design class, one that is difficult to make on time seeing as my classes start at 11 and noon every other day of the week. Then it was lunch. Then I had to hang my design work. Then I had to work on my project for home. And then it was into Center City. This week has just been insane! On top of all my midterm projects, I got caught in a torrential downpour walking between classes on Wednesday. My dress was soaked through and the makeup running down my face made me resemble a zebra. It was actually rather funny, I like to have a sense of humor about these things.

Is the denim-on-denim thing over? I think it may have reached it's peak this past fall. Anyway, I wouldn't consider this shirt to be denim, it's a very lightweight cotton which I'm sure will be great in the summer. I took a lot of heat for wearing pants and nothing floral today. I'm surprised I even left my dorm looking presentable, seeing as I don't remember much of my morning. I was sleepy. It was all a blur. Except for the part where I Photoshoped myself onto Kate Middleton's body.

I stopped by Rittenhouse Square for pictures today. I like this location a lot, and since the bus brings me right down here from the dining hall I may frequent this park more in the future.

After stalking several genuine geode rings on Etsy for months, I happened upon this rather convincing plastic "geode" at H&M on Monday (Yes, I went to H&M twice this week, but in my defense I sold a significant amount of neglected clothes on ebay this week!). 

The black background of this floral pattern caught my eye

I also ran into my closest friend at the 2-story H&M today. She goes to school on the other side of the city and I miss her dearly. She then tried to talk me out of these polka-dotted shorts and pushed me towards a floral romper. 

My friend Marylyn picked up this jacket at Madewell over the weekend. I love the cropped trench silhouette, and the DIY wheels started turning. I think it would be easy to crop an inexpensive trench coat, what do you think? Should I give it a whirl?

Jeans, ring - $12, $6, H&M
Chambray tuxedo shirt - $20, Gap
Brown sandals - $16, Ross
Leather bag - $18, vintage (etsy)
Geode necklace - $7, Forever 21



Welp! I'm sorry for having been a negligent blogger last week. We're already halfway through the term, which means several midterm exams and more projects. Last week I just had too much work to do before I went home over the holiday weekend. Luckily for you, I take my camera everywhere. It's my baby and some people call me the "paparazzi." So here's how I spent the third week of April:

Our college of art & design had a staff exhibition that opened last week. It was interesting (and amusing) to see some of the professor's work. Outside the gallery there were several Kanzan cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Check out my rad editing skills.

I made good use of my Kiwi punch card when we went to grab frozen yogurt on Thursday and passed it down the line for my friends to use. I'm one punch away from a free cup. I think the cashiers are catching on.

My friends are really good sports about helping me take outfit photos. There's not really any secluded places on campus suitable for taking photos and I still feel a little embarrassed to set up my tripod in the middle of the lawn where everyone can see me. Thanks guys!

We had friends over for an early dinner on Sunday and they baked an ah-mazing banana cream pie. The cinnamon in the crust is what won me over.

Now I'm back at school, where I'm diving into my assignments which include dozens of drawings of foreshortened limbs and asymmetrical cardboard hats that have to extend at least 36" in one direction. I still have half of a Lindt chocolate bunny, and I'm sure gonna need it.


Over my Shoulder

I'm a sucker for anything and everything Grecian-inspired. When I found this Free People tunic on sale last month it was love at first sight and now the weather is finally permitting me to wear it without a cardigan to cover up the asymmetrical shoulders. One side is a sort of cap sleeve while the other is tied with a pretty little knot. It isn't long enough to wear as a dress without at least leggings or tights, but I could probably throw it on as a beach cover-up when I'm down at the shore this summer. Speaking of which, I've recently learned that only regionally is "shore" used to refer to the beach; how strange!

I wore this skirt from H&M earlier in the month and it has proven to be easy to style. One thing that is strange about it though is that once I washed it and hung it up to dry, the hem seemed to stretch in some areas, making it longer or shorter on one side. I've also been told numerous times that H&M's sizing runs small, but my experience has proven the contrary, because I wear a size smaller than I do in most other stores! I guess I'll use that to my advantage, and maybe if I throw this skirt in the dryer it'll shrink to fit a little better.

I'm also going to toot my own horn and take credit for my friend Shannon's outfit today. I used my convincing "charm" and styling "know-how" to coax her into wearing this cute little floral skirt that had been hiding in her closet all year. I really want her black gladiator sandals which were apparently less than $8 at Target. Also, not only do we both own that gold chain strap bag, but we both found it at the same thrift store. At least she has good taste!

Top - Free People, $30
Skirt, wrapped bracelet - H&M, $10
Straw fedora - flea market, $6
Flats - thrifted, $3
Rose ring - Charlotte Russe, $4
Belt - Urban Outfitters, $5


In the Sun

Yesterday my friend and I went on a little adventure through Rittenhouse. We were volunteering at the Kimmel Center by taking fold-out guides to some of the art galleries that are participating in this week's PIFA (Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts) events. Our last stop was in a beautiful side-street neighborhood, surrounded by wrought-iron-gate enclosed gardens and red brick apartments. 

I bought this dress to wear when I go home for the holiday next weekend, but I couldn't resist wearing out on such a gorgeous day. The primary floral print and white lace top make it feel like the epitome of the season - in dress form, that is. 

My friend Marylyn. Thanks again for taking my outfit shots!

We found these Mali bracelets at a "zakka" shop on 16th and Pine. It carried a range of inexpensive accessories, like these bracelets, along with some really cool Japanese products.

But today the weather has taken a turn for the worse, so I'm curled up on my bed with a hot mug of tea and April issues of both Vogue and it's Teen counterpart as I avoid the mess of glue and balsa wood that is my 3D homework. 

Dress - Forever 21, $17
Cardigan sweater - American Eagle (Marshall's), $5
Gray leggings
Brown lace-up boots - thrifted, $6
Mali bracelets - Omoi, $6


Madison Avenue

I call this dress my Mad Men dress. Clearly when I went shopping I drew inspiration from the menswear suits favored by the account men and full Betty Draper-esque skirts; apparently the temperatures aren't the only things in the 60's this week (see what I did there?).It is also necessary to mention that I've watched every episode of the series to date in the past several weeks. Hey, when you're seated at a desk for six to eight hours at a time doing 3D homework there's no better way to pass the time. 

Thanks Marylyn for taking my photos!

And it has pockets!

Gray dress - Ross, $11
Brown doubled belt - Urban Outfitters, $5
Green tights - Target, $3
Jeweled ring 
Brown lace-up boots - thrifted, $6
Gray socks - Target, $3 in a pack


Things for Spring

(Image via Polyvore)

I'm not the only one who pretends to go shopping via Polyvore, right? Not that I could afford any of these outfits in their entirety, but we all need a little inspiration now and then. So here are some things I wish I had for spring, including a Proenza Schouler tee, 3.1 Phillip Lim cross body bag, a Band of Outsiders dress I've been obsessed with for months, geode rings, Rachel Comey boots, and scalloped oxfords that are conveniently on sale. 


Sakura Sunday

Today was Sakura Sunday, part of the Cherry Blossom Festival festivities at Fairmount Park. The trees were all covered with gorgeous blooms!  

Some girls eating lunch in their adorable kimonos.

Anything Japanese you could think of was for sale. I wish I had somewhere to wear one of these beautiful kimonos to, then I would have got one for myself.

I'm wearing a new dress I ordered from Asos as a top. I got it because I realized that I was lacking a simpler top to wear with my patterned skirts. Even though it's all black I like the ruffle across the back, I think it makes it really different and interesting. I didn't actually wear it with one of my patterned skirts today, instead I wore this pale green one from H&M. I'm loving everything pastel and pale for spring.

My wonderful friends!

Waiting for the bus and goofing off

In the words of SEPTA, thanks for riding reading with us!

Dress worn as top - Asos, $20
Skirt - H&M, $10
Flats - thrifted, $3
Rose ring - Charlotte Russe, $4