Soirée dernière à Paris

Several weeks ago my friend and I volunteered to help at one of the PIFA (Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts) events and in exchange got free tickets for Last Party in Paris. In all honesty, the only thing French about the event was this light-up Eiffel tower in the lobby of the Kimmel Center. There was music by some sort of jazz band and a bar, but no food was being served, so my friends and I popped over to a chocolate cafe for some yummy desserts.

We shared this souffle, with melted milk chocolate, white chocolate, and toffee to dip bananas, strawberries, cookies, and brownies in. My favorite part was the little fire to roast marshmallows over; it was like an entire dessert presentation! If anyone is ever around 15th and Walnut, I'd most definitely recommend Max Brenner's for some really different chocolate desserts.

I wore this new dress that I had ordered from Asos a couple of weeks ago. It reminded me of this look from the Erdem S/S 2011 show and it was on sale so it basically put itself into my shopping cart. Now I'm on the look-out for a pair of wrap-around red sandals, too. My mother had always told me that red complimented my natural coloring, but strangely enough I didn't own any red dresses, and so it was a welcome addition to my closet. I'd like to think this is a step in the direction towards making more thoughtful purchases rather than buying impulsively every floral print I see. I'd also like to style it during the day with some flat shoes and maybe a leather belt, too.

I had forgotten about these tights with their cool little texture yet subtle color. Had they been anything but this neutral tone I wouldn't have chosen them to wear with this dress, but I like the combination of textures. I'm also continually impressed with these sandals, as I wore them all day and all night and my feet are still fully functioning.

Any ideas on how I would wear this dress for day? I was thinking sans-tights, but I'd like to hear what you all think!

Red lace dress - $30, Asos
Nude patterned tights
Brown braided wedge sandals - $16, Ross
Silver bird cage necklace

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