Welp! I'm sorry for having been a negligent blogger last week. We're already halfway through the term, which means several midterm exams and more projects. Last week I just had too much work to do before I went home over the holiday weekend. Luckily for you, I take my camera everywhere. It's my baby and some people call me the "paparazzi." So here's how I spent the third week of April:

Our college of art & design had a staff exhibition that opened last week. It was interesting (and amusing) to see some of the professor's work. Outside the gallery there were several Kanzan cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Check out my rad editing skills.

I made good use of my Kiwi punch card when we went to grab frozen yogurt on Thursday and passed it down the line for my friends to use. I'm one punch away from a free cup. I think the cashiers are catching on.

My friends are really good sports about helping me take outfit photos. There's not really any secluded places on campus suitable for taking photos and I still feel a little embarrassed to set up my tripod in the middle of the lawn where everyone can see me. Thanks guys!

We had friends over for an early dinner on Sunday and they baked an ah-mazing banana cream pie. The cinnamon in the crust is what won me over.

Now I'm back at school, where I'm diving into my assignments which include dozens of drawings of foreshortened limbs and asymmetrical cardboard hats that have to extend at least 36" in one direction. I still have half of a Lindt chocolate bunny, and I'm sure gonna need it.


  1. mmm the pie looks soo good! btw i love asymmetrical top u are wearing in ur previous post! soo airy!


  2. All your blog pictures are beautiful! You have a lovely style :)

    The Flower Girl


  3. that pie looks so good! i love cherry blossoms theyre so pretty, my fave thing about spring.