Shade of Violet

I'm sure this dress will become my favorite once summer finally rolls around. It's a lightweight cotton that's a pretty shade of violet and I think the full skirt is flattering. We had a taste of the summer season today when the temperatures soared into the seventies; sadly, Mondays are my busiest days with classes back-to-back so I didn't have time to enjoy it. I left for my first class wearing tights, a cardigan, and my winter coat, all of which I quickly shed once I realized that the 58 degree temperature the weather app on my iPod was showing me wasn't factoring in the warm, bright sun.
The pleating detail is my favorite part though, it goes all around the skirt and the top of the waist too. I'd like to change the plastic buttons, though. Maybe to some that less resemble flowers; I'm sure I'm just being picky.

Ewan McGregor's shoot from Vogue, Keira Knightly and Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 on the wall behind me

I received this oxfords a year and a half ago for Christmas and I've worn them to death .The tips are all scuffed and I can spot the battle scars from when I've tripped on the sidewalk or when a crowd at a concert was particularly rowdy. I like to wear them to go out because I think their patent shine makes them just as dressy as heels, but they're flat so they're more bearable to wear. I think Aldo's store on Amazon.com still carries them, I think I'll have a look. I've also noticed that it's clearly time to color my hair again. There's just not enough time in the day!

Dress - Ross $15
Cut-out oxfords - Aldo, $50
Clock pendant -  Forever 21 $8


  1. lovely dress! is charly sheen on the wall? lovely greetings


  2. Thank you! Haha, no it's Ewan McGregor from last summer's shoot in Vogue.

  3. That dress is so cool! The little details completely make it. And of course, the stunning color.


  4. That dress is so sweet :) I love the colour and the shape..its perfect but I loveee it with those cute ass brogues!! :) adds a preppy pretty look which is so amazing x

  5. You're so pretty! And love that nail polish- what is it? A pretty pale blue, it looks like? Just saw your bio- I also love getting dressed up- and doing my design hw! Xx Dans Mon Boudoir

  6. Thank you Rebecca! My nail polish is "I Don't Wanna Be A-Lone Star" from OPI's Texas collection. And I should be doing my design hw now, but clearly that isn't happening. :P