Insane, Outsane

Fridays this term are proving to be really quite demanding! I start off my morning with a 3 hour computer design class, one that is difficult to make on time seeing as my classes start at 11 and noon every other day of the week. Then it was lunch. Then I had to hang my design work. Then I had to work on my project for home. And then it was into Center City. This week has just been insane! On top of all my midterm projects, I got caught in a torrential downpour walking between classes on Wednesday. My dress was soaked through and the makeup running down my face made me resemble a zebra. It was actually rather funny, I like to have a sense of humor about these things.

Is the denim-on-denim thing over? I think it may have reached it's peak this past fall. Anyway, I wouldn't consider this shirt to be denim, it's a very lightweight cotton which I'm sure will be great in the summer. I took a lot of heat for wearing pants and nothing floral today. I'm surprised I even left my dorm looking presentable, seeing as I don't remember much of my morning. I was sleepy. It was all a blur. Except for the part where I Photoshoped myself onto Kate Middleton's body.

I stopped by Rittenhouse Square for pictures today. I like this location a lot, and since the bus brings me right down here from the dining hall I may frequent this park more in the future.

After stalking several genuine geode rings on Etsy for months, I happened upon this rather convincing plastic "geode" at H&M on Monday (Yes, I went to H&M twice this week, but in my defense I sold a significant amount of neglected clothes on ebay this week!). 

The black background of this floral pattern caught my eye

I also ran into my closest friend at the 2-story H&M today. She goes to school on the other side of the city and I miss her dearly. She then tried to talk me out of these polka-dotted shorts and pushed me towards a floral romper. 

My friend Marylyn picked up this jacket at Madewell over the weekend. I love the cropped trench silhouette, and the DIY wheels started turning. I think it would be easy to crop an inexpensive trench coat, what do you think? Should I give it a whirl?

Jeans, ring - $12, $6, H&M
Chambray tuxedo shirt - $20, Gap
Brown sandals - $16, Ross
Leather bag - $18, vintage (etsy)
Geode necklace - $7, Forever 21

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