Daisy Print

Pocket tee - Gap / Daisy print skirt - Jason Wu for Target / Gray oxfords - Old Navy / Tan leather belt - vintage / Trench coat - Steve Madden
 I know that, at this point, Jason Wu for Target is old news. I even spotted some pieces on sale (gasp!) when I was at my local Target earlier in the week. I remember rather vividly the Sunday when the collection went on sale and how annoyed I was due to the fact that I didn't have a car and couldn't figure out how to get to the closest Target via public transit without making about a million transfers. My mother, being the saint that she is, took it upon herself to mail me this skirt the very next week. That's right: my mom mailed me Jason Wu for Target. She is officially cooler than your mom in every single way. 

This trench coat, which is also a recent acquisition, is the perfect length to guard my skirts from the pesky wind I'm always complaining about. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage once summer rolls around and it becomes too warm to wear a jacket during the day. Perhaps I should start investing in shorts. 


"Un Deux Trois Quatre!"

Boy's blazer - thrifted / Riding pants - Old Navy / Striped shirt - Gap / Pashmina - Flea market / Chelsea boots - H&M / Green satchel - Urban Outfitters
Is anyone else pumped about the season premiere of Mad Men?! I only started watching the series last winter; I worked my through through four seasons' worth of episodes in the course of several weeks, only to find that I would have to wait yet another year for new episodes. Luckily enough, a film student who was in one of my classes fall term spent her summer working as a production assistant on the set of the show, and she assured us that the new season was set to air in the spring. That's right, I have connections.

I can't say my outfit was exactly inspired by Mad Men, but perhaps menswear in general. I could go as far to say that it had nothing to do with the aforementioned program and it was entirely the 20 mph winds that forced me to don a pair of pants today. Sometimes I find that I don't have to energy required to remain decent when it's gusty outside, which involves a lot of shuffling as I grasp at my fluttering skirt and curse repeatedly under my breath. I also felt vaguely European as I sipped on a cup of espresso and nibbled on a croissant in a striped top. I'm  well aware that this is most likely not how the average European spends their afternoon and that it is no more than just some caricature I've assembled based on various images and stereotypical portrayals...  
None of that has kept me from speaking in my terrible French accent. Adieu.



I'm excited to announce that Coloured Theory has been included in Pocket Change's Style Blog of the Week Feature! Head on over to check out the rest of the post!

I'd also like to apologize for my recent absence. I'm sure you understand that as a full-time student my priorities lie in my schoolwork. I'm so incredibly relieved to say that after completing my last final exam on Thursday, Winter Term has come to an end! I'm off for the next week and plan to spend my spring break doing my exceptional impression of a sloth (where I lie motionless on my bed and blink occasionally). I also have several hundred concert photos sitting in an untouched folder, patiently waiting to be edited. Hopefully this upcoming week of much-needed rest will help me get back into the blogging groove, but until then I have been rather active over on Twitter, although my tweets aren't always fashion or style related. As for today, it's my last day on campus and it looks like it's going to be beautiful. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Detail of the Week: Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots $10 - H&M
I had given up hope of finding a pair of reasonably priced Chelsea boots before the end of the winter season, when lo and behold, my eyes land on a single lonely pair of size 38 ankle boots tucked into the back of H&M's sale section. When I took them to the register I even found that they were part of a Buy 1,Get 1 50% Off promotion. I've just so happened to have worn them every day for the past two weeks, and so the scuffs that have already appeared on the toes of these boots are less of a testament to their quality than they are an example of how tough I am on my footwear.