Detail of the Week: Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots $10 - H&M
I had given up hope of finding a pair of reasonably priced Chelsea boots before the end of the winter season, when lo and behold, my eyes land on a single lonely pair of size 38 ankle boots tucked into the back of H&M's sale section. When I took them to the register I even found that they were part of a Buy 1,Get 1 50% Off promotion. I've just so happened to have worn them every day for the past two weeks, and so the scuffs that have already appeared on the toes of these boots are less of a testament to their quality than they are an example of how tough I am on my footwear.


  1. I have the same boots but in brown and I'm SO happy I purchased them. Same situation too. On sale and in the back! I'm very happy we spotted them!

  2. Amazing score! Those boots are so cute and definitely look like they can go with anything. I wish there were an H&M close to me. Have a great weekend! <3


  3. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great week!!! :-)