Jill Stuart: Fall 2012

Jill Stuart's Fall 2012 collection found itself somewhere in between mysterious and feminine, which proved an utterly charming place to be. My favorite dresses where those which managed to flawlessly combine demure cap sleeves and full skirts with lace cutouts and sheer panels. The styling also has me completely enamored, and I'd wear any of these dresses with loose waves and platform booties in a heartbeat. And to think that after seeing the iconic wardrobe she dreamt up for Cher Horowitz I couldn't love Jill Stuart any more.

image credit: runway, detail



Yelena Yemchuk, who is fast becoming my favorite fashion photographer, collaborated once again with stylist Leith Clark to shoot Kirsten Dunst for the February issue of Vogua Italia. You can also see an equally gorgeous video from the photoshoot over here.

images via FashionGoneRogue


Photo Diary: Miami

Remember when I took a super short trip down to Florida...back in January? Over a month later I've finally manged to go through some of the photos I took. The sporadic spring-like days we've been experiencing here reminded me of how bizarre it felt to lay on the beach in the sun on a mid-winter afternoon. I also discovered that my winter wardrobe is essentially my summer wardrobe with tights and proved to be quite the convenience when travelling. I most certainly am not a winter person, so clearly my decision to stay on the East Coast was not properly thought through.
My good friend Marylyn was my tour guide for the weekend! She led us over the an arts fair that was taking place on her university campus that weekend.
Apparently the artist didn't consider these paintings to be photo-realistic, even though I would like to differ. They're absolutely brilliant.
This puts our innumerable mediocre cheesesteak trucks to shame.
The ducks waddling around campus were not the least bit shy. Apparently manatees are quite the socialites as well, and every so often they're apt to find their way into the canals that run through campus!
Yes, they do exist.


Take It Easy

 Lace top $24 - Forever 21 / Blue pleated chiffon skirt $10 - Francesca's Collections / black heeled leather ankle boots $24 - Gap / jeweled cuff $12 - flea market

I'm surprised I even managed to wake up and get dressed on Monday. I spent most of the weekend furiously assembling the many ornate pieces of a presentation project. It involved tons of glue and mounting edited photos and fabric swatches onto bits of boards wrapped in paper and trimmed with ribbon onto larger boards wrapped with paper. Yes, it was just as ridiculous as it sounds, and I left my room only once over the course of two days in order to print out photos at the copy center for said project. I'm also in the midst of my midterm exams, as it's already the fifth week of Winter term (oh, the joys of the quarter system!), and had to fit in study sessions for my four upcoming exams. By Sunday night I felt like I lost my wits completely, had eaten Easy Mac for six meals in a row, was drinking two mugs of tea an hour. It's not something I would recommend.

I finished my first exam for my buying class in the morning with time to spare, so when I got back to my room and saw the sun shining joyously through the window I decided to give myself a bit of a study break and take photos of what may be my new favorite outfit. I actually changed once I got back from class because what I had put on at first just didn't feel right. I originally wore this same top over a red floral dress; I saw it styled on a mannequin in the store in the same way, realized I had a similar dress, and I was sold. I often hear both at work and in class how items displayed on mannequins sell at a greater rate, and now I can see just why! I also found the pleated skirt of my dreams at Francesca's during a "Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off" sale during the same shopping trip and it didn't occur to me until today to wear them together. I picked out this bracelet at a flea market back in the fall and I don't even think I've worn it until this past week. I can't wait until the weather warms up in early spring so that I can hit up the flea market again, but apparently that won't be for at least another six weeks! 

Since I'm completely inundated with schoolwork, I'm off to bury myself in flashcards and Powerpoint study guides. I hope you all had a more relaxing weekend than I did!

Surfer Blood // Take It Easy