Traveling Clothes

Maxi dress- K-Mart, $20
Blazer - Boys, thrifted,
Green satchel - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters, $20

What a whirlwind weekend! I spent Friday night in New York City; and by "night" I mean from 6 pm to 5 in the morning. My friend had her birthday hosted at a club, which I realized after we got there may not have been the most appropriate setting for my lace and tulle Rodarte for Target dress. I wish I could have taken photos, but just imagine the hassle it would have been to lug my Nikon on and off the subway and dance floor. Regardless, it was an adventure that won't soon be forgotten.

I wore this to get right back on a train Sunday morning, and now I'm home to celebrate some sort of combination of the holiday weekend and my birthday! I can't say it this blazer was a wise choice. I slept in on Sunday and didn't give myself enough time to check the weather, so I was boiling under the hot sun as I lugged my rolling suitcase, satchel, and drawing portfolio to the station. To top it all off, my shoe broke! As soon as we got home, my mom took my brothers and I out for lunch (not only do my brother and I share a university city campus, but we share a birthday too) and then we ran to the mall for a little shopping. Later in the evening we met up with some other family for Indian food and by the time we got back home it had cooled off a little. 

I found this dress at K-Mart, of all places! Not that I'm advocating all of that judging a book by its cover nonsense, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see this hanging up under a sale sign at the K-Mart in The Gallery. I went in for sheer tights and walked out with a gorgeous maxi dress! 
Once I set my tripod up in the backyard I realized I didn't have the piece that attaches the camera to it, so I improvised a little. I can't wait until my spring term is over in two weeks, then I'll be able to lounge in the shade of the trees in my yard with a book and iced coffee. I'm counting down the days!
Best wishes for your Memorial Day weekend!


Stop and Go

that squirrel a video by wordsflyup- on Flickr.

On Sunday my friend fed this squirrel some sour cream & onion potato chips while we were sitting on the lawn eating dinner outside. The little guy circled us and got closer and closer until I got up to leave and scared him off. I was sure he was going to pounce right into my lap! I snapped tons of pictures and put together my first little stop motion video.

The song is Generator ^ Second Floor by Freelance Whales


Brick by Brick

Floral knit dress-  Forever 21
Black velvet jacket, flats - thrifted
Black patterned tights - Kohl's
Green satchel - Urban Outfitters
Green watch - flea market

I usually don't feel bound by plans or schedules. I like spontaneous outings or texts from friends that suggest meeting up for something exciting in the next fifteen minutes. Maybe Sunday's impromptu shopping trip to Center City doesn't qualify as the most "exciting," but I know some events later this week that definitely will! I was sitting on my lofted bed, relishing the quiet of another lazy Sunday afternoon and catching up on The Office, when my friend suggested we head to H&M to look for outfits to wear for this weekend.

One thing I don't like changing without notice is the weather. 65 degrees, really? At least I had a chance to mix some patterns with this pair of pointelle tights.

I tried on dress after dress but didn't find anything I absolutely loved. I liked the soft gray color and one-shoulder silhouette of the first one, but the ruffled tiers didn't do anything to flatter my figure. I tried on a shorter version in blue that was only available two sizes too small. My favorite was a strapless beaded one that was knee length, it was rather demure and a nice departure from miniskirts, but also not in my size. I'm making a note to look for longer pieces to add to my closet.

Sneaky photos in the H&M dressing room

I wear these flats everywhere, in case you haven't already noticed. And thanks for the outfit photos, Marylyn!


Two Miles

My friend told me that the distance between City Hall and the art museum is 2 miles. If that holds to be true, then we walked over two miles through the city this weekend!

My Saturday started off with frozen yogurt, like all good days do. Two of my close friends from home came to spend the day with me; their schools are on the semester system so they're home for summer already, while I have about three weeks left in my Spring quarter. I really can't wait until summer! The countdown has officially begun. 

I also think I've been a very mediocre Philadelphian. I've been in the city for almost 9 months and this is the first time I've been to Love Park. Isn't that a little crazy? I wore one of my new maxi dresses for the occasion. I wasn't sure how I felt about the length before, but after I tried it on in the store for the third time I finally committed to buying it. It was actually really comfortable and I didn't have to hold down my hem every time the wind blew with the fear that I would flash anybody walking by!

I've always really liked feather accessories. I don't remember where, but I remember reading an article that suggested wearing a single feather earring as opposed to both at once, and I wanted to give it a try. The one I wore is from a pair I got from a really inexpensive accessory shop on South Street on Friday night.


Our original plan was to go shopping, but we ended up passing my camera back and forth and taking goofy photos until it started to rain. I had hoped it would hold off until later in the day like the forecast had predicted, but we were forced to seek shelter under the overhang on the art museum steps. It stopped for a couple of minutes and that's when we made a run for the bus stop, but by the time we got there it started raining again! My maxi dress kept me kind of dry, but I resorted to holding my sweater over my head to try and keep my hair from getting wet. After I changed into dry clothes and threw their stuff in the dryer for a couple of minutes, we headed out to meet some other friends for pizza. Is a meal at 3:30 pm considered lunch or dinner? I'm not sure. Either way, I found a new favorite pizza place on an absolutely wonderful (and dare I say, adventurous) Saturday.

Maxi dress - H&M, $18
Green cardigan - Forever 21, $15
Brown braided belt, black flats - Thrifted
Fringe bag - $10
Feather earrings - $3
Turquoise ring - Flea market, $3


Street Fairs & Stripes: Part II

We left the Street Fair a little bit after noon on Saturday and stopped outside City Hall. Most of the cherry blossom trees have lost their blooms, but the ground was still covered in a beautiful layer of pink petals!

Note to self: practice making more normal faces for outfit photos!

I'm not going to lie, I tried to put together the most stereotypically "Parisian" outfit I could. If I owned a black beret I would have worn it, and if I could have grown a curly mustache I would have donned that too! I also had only worn these opaque red tights once previously, and as it gets warmer I knew my chances to wear them out again were dwindling. These Aldo oxfords have been with me everywhere, from day trips to NYC to wild concerts. I like wearing them with tights because of the way the color peeks through the little cut-outs. 

We stopped by the Starbucks in Macy's later on to get re-caffeinated. I'm always in the mood for a triple shot non-fat Cinnamon Dolce Latte! 

Striped shirt - H&M (altered)
Black skirt - Old Navy
Red tights - The Limited
Black cut-out oxfords - Aldo
Jacket - Ann Taylor LOFT



This outfit is one of my favorites lately, so I'm disappointed that I couldn't get any full shots outside today. It was gorgeous: warm, sunny, and not too breezy. But of course everyone was busy and had things to do that did not allow for almost embarrassingly narcissistic taking of outfit photos, myself included. These photos above may or may not have made me five minutes late for my Music Appreciation lecture.

It's hard to believe that I almost didn't buy this top when I saw it last spring. Originally it had this layer of shiny white fabric underneath the lace, and frankly it looked rather cheap. Luckily, it took no more than five minutes to cut out that weird underlay. These shoes are also worth every penny I paid for them, all 100 of them. Yes, they cost me $1! No lie. I found them on the top of the dollar bin at my favorite thrift shop back home. One was missing a lace, but I just replaced them with ribbons and they were good enough to wear. I've kind of wanted to wear them with everything lately.

I've also got feather hair extensions! My friend mentioned that she was interested in getting them done at a salon down on South Street, but I had a hunch that they wouldn't be difficult to do by myself. I found this bunch on ebay; it came with instructions, two crimping beads, and a threading tool that was sort of like a squished bobby pin. The threading too didn't fit through the bead with my hair in it, so I improvised by looping a piece of string around the hair I wanted to attach the feathers to. Then I just pulled the ends of the string through the bead and my hair along with it, then I clamped it with a pair of pliers and it was done! I like them so much I'm seriously considering ordering some more, maybe in a subtle color that would sort of match my brown hair like red or yellow. What do you think?

After going to an event for a local clothing store on Sansom Street my friend and I indulged in some gelato for dessert. I tried the avocado flavor and I'm totally hooked! It was delicious! 

Crossing the bridge on the way back to University City, we caught the sun and lights casting a pretty reflection on the Schuylkill River.

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of the week. I hope yours is going well!

Lace shirt - Marshall's, $12
Skirt - Forever 21, $16
Brown doubled belt - Urban Outfitters, $6
Geode ring - H&M , $6
Brown wingtip oxfords - thrifted, $1


Street Fairs & Stripes: Part I

On the last day of April, Broad street was closed off and turned into a giant (crowded!) street fair as the culmination of the month's events. I've finally gotten around to sorting through the photos (two weeks later!). There was a ferris wheel, little gardens, and a "living fountain" along with musical performances and vendors.

A cart was selling pastries and crepes made-to-order; I would have gotten one but the line was enormously long!

I got a free button front a tent set up by my favorite local radio station. They seriously play all of my favorite bands, and the Free at Noon shows at World Cafe Live are fantastic.

Being a goof in front of the giant PIFA cube

"Is that the Eiffel Tower?! No way!"

I have to admit, it was a slightly unimpressive imitation

Credit for this shot goes to my friend Marylyn

I didn't want to bombard you all with dozens and dozens of photos in one post, so be on the lookout for Part II!