Top of the World, Bottom of the Ocean

I shot my first concert this past Thursday! Not only was this my first time in a photo pit, but it was my first show at the TLA. Getting this close to one of my favorite bands was completely exhilarating. We were kicked out of the pit after the first three songs, but I didn't really mind because the crowd was awesome. I hate people that come to concerts and don't dance, but what I hate even more is people who get out of control. As long as any potential moshing is contained and no one steps on my feet, I'll consider it a good night.

The Naked and Famous were the first openers. They're a band from New Zealand, I'm sure if you've heard their single Young Blood by now. They sound like they are influenced by 80's post-punk, along with layered vocals and synths that are absolutely infectious. I liked them enough to download their entire album and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since. I love it when I leave shows having found a new band.

Passive Me, Aggressive You
Their album artwork is gorgeous too. 

The next set of openers were Freelance Whales. They're located in Brooklyn and caught my attention when they brought out quirky instruments like a glockenspiel, banjo, and harmonium.

Foals, with bassist and backing vocalist Walter Gervers to the far right

Not to be pushy, but if you aren't already a Foals fan, I'd recommend that you download Total Life Forever immediately. Their second album, which was released last May, was nominated for a Mercury Award. This UK band describes their sound as "like the dream of an eagle dying." You can interpret that however you wish, but I'll say that their intricately layered music and dance-punk beats create an absolutely atmospheric sound. I seriously enjoyed this album from the beginning, but it's one where the songs reveal a new dimension every time you listen to it.

Edwin Congreave on keyboard

Yannis Philippakis on lead vocals and guitar

Jimmy Smith on guitar

Drummer Jack Bevan on the right

What I wore:

I didn't manage to get a full outfit shot before the night was over, but I paired a loose, cropped blue pocket tee with a black skirt, glittery tights, a statement necklace and silver ring. 

I wore my concert tee with a skirt and DIY denim vest on Friday as I relished that awesome after-concert feeling.

I can honestly say this was one of the best shows I've seen all year. What's even better is that I get to do this all again on Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am!

P.S. Tell me about the best show you've attended! I'd love to hear about it.

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