Traveling Clothes

Maxi dress- K-Mart, $20
Blazer - Boys, thrifted,
Green satchel - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters, $20

What a whirlwind weekend! I spent Friday night in New York City; and by "night" I mean from 6 pm to 5 in the morning. My friend had her birthday hosted at a club, which I realized after we got there may not have been the most appropriate setting for my lace and tulle Rodarte for Target dress. I wish I could have taken photos, but just imagine the hassle it would have been to lug my Nikon on and off the subway and dance floor. Regardless, it was an adventure that won't soon be forgotten.

I wore this to get right back on a train Sunday morning, and now I'm home to celebrate some sort of combination of the holiday weekend and my birthday! I can't say it this blazer was a wise choice. I slept in on Sunday and didn't give myself enough time to check the weather, so I was boiling under the hot sun as I lugged my rolling suitcase, satchel, and drawing portfolio to the station. To top it all off, my shoe broke! As soon as we got home, my mom took my brothers and I out for lunch (not only do my brother and I share a university city campus, but we share a birthday too) and then we ran to the mall for a little shopping. Later in the evening we met up with some other family for Indian food and by the time we got back home it had cooled off a little. 

I found this dress at K-Mart, of all places! Not that I'm advocating all of that judging a book by its cover nonsense, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see this hanging up under a sale sign at the K-Mart in The Gallery. I went in for sheer tights and walked out with a gorgeous maxi dress! 
Once I set my tripod up in the backyard I realized I didn't have the piece that attaches the camera to it, so I improvised a little. I can't wait until my spring term is over in two weeks, then I'll be able to lounge in the shade of the trees in my yard with a book and iced coffee. I'm counting down the days!
Best wishes for your Memorial Day weekend!


  1. I just came to your blog! What a lucky find ^^
    I like your dress, seems so comfy and fresh!


  2. Sweetie, you look sensational! That dress is perfect on you and oh my goodness, you're just unbelievably pretty. Loving the photography as well!

    Love, Annika
    According to Annika

  3. that dress is from KMART?! are you kidding me? its SO cute!

    these photos are so lovely by the way...you have quite a good eye:)

  4. This dress is wonderful. P.S. Have you ever been to Pay Half in the Gallery. I often find some gems tucked away there as well.

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