Brick by Brick

Floral knit dress-  Forever 21
Black velvet jacket, flats - thrifted
Black patterned tights - Kohl's
Green satchel - Urban Outfitters
Green watch - flea market

I usually don't feel bound by plans or schedules. I like spontaneous outings or texts from friends that suggest meeting up for something exciting in the next fifteen minutes. Maybe Sunday's impromptu shopping trip to Center City doesn't qualify as the most "exciting," but I know some events later this week that definitely will! I was sitting on my lofted bed, relishing the quiet of another lazy Sunday afternoon and catching up on The Office, when my friend suggested we head to H&M to look for outfits to wear for this weekend.

One thing I don't like changing without notice is the weather. 65 degrees, really? At least I had a chance to mix some patterns with this pair of pointelle tights.

I tried on dress after dress but didn't find anything I absolutely loved. I liked the soft gray color and one-shoulder silhouette of the first one, but the ruffled tiers didn't do anything to flatter my figure. I tried on a shorter version in blue that was only available two sizes too small. My favorite was a strapless beaded one that was knee length, it was rather demure and a nice departure from miniskirts, but also not in my size. I'm making a note to look for longer pieces to add to my closet.

Sneaky photos in the H&M dressing room

I wear these flats everywhere, in case you haven't already noticed. And thanks for the outfit photos, Marylyn!


  1. I love this floral dress...I think it looks great with those tights. I think it gives a bit of edge to the girly dress. Following...would love if you would follow back :)


  2. You look so cute in this outfit! Great combo.