Two Miles

My friend told me that the distance between City Hall and the art museum is 2 miles. If that holds to be true, then we walked over two miles through the city this weekend!

My Saturday started off with frozen yogurt, like all good days do. Two of my close friends from home came to spend the day with me; their schools are on the semester system so they're home for summer already, while I have about three weeks left in my Spring quarter. I really can't wait until summer! The countdown has officially begun. 

I also think I've been a very mediocre Philadelphian. I've been in the city for almost 9 months and this is the first time I've been to Love Park. Isn't that a little crazy? I wore one of my new maxi dresses for the occasion. I wasn't sure how I felt about the length before, but after I tried it on in the store for the third time I finally committed to buying it. It was actually really comfortable and I didn't have to hold down my hem every time the wind blew with the fear that I would flash anybody walking by!

I've always really liked feather accessories. I don't remember where, but I remember reading an article that suggested wearing a single feather earring as opposed to both at once, and I wanted to give it a try. The one I wore is from a pair I got from a really inexpensive accessory shop on South Street on Friday night.


Our original plan was to go shopping, but we ended up passing my camera back and forth and taking goofy photos until it started to rain. I had hoped it would hold off until later in the day like the forecast had predicted, but we were forced to seek shelter under the overhang on the art museum steps. It stopped for a couple of minutes and that's when we made a run for the bus stop, but by the time we got there it started raining again! My maxi dress kept me kind of dry, but I resorted to holding my sweater over my head to try and keep my hair from getting wet. After I changed into dry clothes and threw their stuff in the dryer for a couple of minutes, we headed out to meet some other friends for pizza. Is a meal at 3:30 pm considered lunch or dinner? I'm not sure. Either way, I found a new favorite pizza place on an absolutely wonderful (and dare I say, adventurous) Saturday.

Maxi dress - H&M, $18
Green cardigan - Forever 21, $15
Brown braided belt, black flats - Thrifted
Fringe bag - $10
Feather earrings - $3
Turquoise ring - Flea market, $3


  1. I've been holding out on trying a maxi dress, despite how comfortable they look, but it looks great on you! I love the idea of the single feather earring.

  2. Judging by the order of these photos, you walked from center city to the museum... I've only done it backwards haha!

    Maxi dresses are great for that reason... they're not frumpy but they don't blow up in the wind! You look great.


  3. I love how you wear the maxi ankle length and with ballet flats, so much fresher than the ole boho look. SO sick of that.

  4. You and the city look gorgeous. Philly appears more classy in photos.