Street Fairs & Stripes: Part I

On the last day of April, Broad street was closed off and turned into a giant (crowded!) street fair as the culmination of the month's events. I've finally gotten around to sorting through the photos (two weeks later!). There was a ferris wheel, little gardens, and a "living fountain" along with musical performances and vendors.

A cart was selling pastries and crepes made-to-order; I would have gotten one but the line was enormously long!

I got a free button front a tent set up by my favorite local radio station. They seriously play all of my favorite bands, and the Free at Noon shows at World Cafe Live are fantastic.

Being a goof in front of the giant PIFA cube

"Is that the Eiffel Tower?! No way!"

I have to admit, it was a slightly unimpressive imitation

Credit for this shot goes to my friend Marylyn

I didn't want to bombard you all with dozens and dozens of photos in one post, so be on the lookout for Part II!

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