Lazy Saturdays and Granny Prints

This outfit was appropriately comfy for a lazy Saturday afternoon. It was one of those weekends where I didn't get out of bed until at least a half hour after noon and just strolled around the shops in Center City. 

This shirt is large and roomy, it's sort of just one big square of fabric with seams under the arms and a hole for your head. As everyone is in the market for a new summer dress lately, I've been reading and hearing about how a lot of people are very picky about their floral prints; this made me realize that I'm the exact opposite. I don't know what it is, but I'll buy just about anything thats printed with a garden's worth of blooms. That being said, I don't mind that the print on this top might remind me of Grandma's upholstered couch or living room curtains, because I think that makes it all the more endearing.

Just about every single one of my friends have gone home to celebrate Mother's Day with their respective mothers. And so I'm left here on campus feeling a little bit like a bad kid (even though I left my mom with a card and gift when I was home for Easter, I didn't forget!).

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms who celebrate!

Top - H&M, $7
Navy skirt - Gap, $20
Brown wingtip oxfords, blue belt - Thrifted, $1, $2
Round sunglasses - Urban Oufitters, $10

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  1. I actually love the granny print! Totally endearing, like you said. I'd actually prefer such florals rather than ditsy florals. I'm definitely one of those picky people!