The Only Honest Way to Go

Every Monday when I go to Starbucks and order a grande non-fat triple shot cinnamon dolce latte, the barista asks me if I want whipped cream, which would totally negate the fact that I ordered non-fat milk. But I never feel bad when I give them a sassy "NO" because I haven't had my coffee yet. Clearly I am a morning person.

If outfits had twins then this one would be the other half of what I wore yesterday. I think it's highly plausible, seeing as I own this tank in four different colors and these same leggings in black. I wear a variation of the cardigan-printed skirt-pocket tank look just about every Sunday out of laziness, and my laziness had carried over into today.

Last night I mixed my own shade of mint green nail polish. I had become enamored with a pale blue shade from OPI's Texas collection that I got over spring break, and so I was inspired to mix some cheapy-cheap drugstore shades.

I also received this printed canvas tote from etsy today. As much as I love my leather satchel, the buckles can be tedious and I've lost more bobby pins inside it's plethora of pockets than I can manage to count. Not to mention the strap broke back in February and it is currently being held together by a leather belt. This tote has two small pocket for my iPod, phone, or ID, and is large enough to fit a folder, sketchbook, wallet, and my camera. And even though there is a flower on it, it's not floral print. I'd call this progress.

Ruffled cardigan - J.Crew
Printed skirt - Heritage 1981
Gray leggings - H&M
Navy pocket tank -  Gap
Tote - Etsy

P.S. I also have my first blog feature over at Silhouette Girl! Thanks, Catherine! And thank you new followers!

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  1. Wow, that tote is gorgeous! Also, hello, I'm one of your new followers and I have to say, I love your blog and I'm glad that Catherine featured you in her post so I could find it!