Get Along

Blue striped button down shirt $15 - Marshall's / Yellow skirt $15, gold necklace $12, embroidered belt $6 - Forever21 / Black leggings $6 - H&M / Black heeled ankle boots $24 - Gap

As you can see, I gave in and took to shooting photos indoors. My dorm room isn't as scenic as my back yard at home, nor is the lighting as favorable, but despite being rather absent here I can assure that I am still getting dressed. Since I started posting my outfit on here about a year ago I've tried my best to avoid a "dress for the blog" mentality. And it's not that feel like my outfits haven't been worthy (for lack of a better term) but school is most certainly my highest priority! Thanks to each and every one of you who was kind enough to leave a comment, I'm also trying my best to return the favor.

I spent all week contemplating the lighting situation in my room. That sounds a little excessive, doesn't it? It required some observation and quite a few test shots. I was so focused on the light readings in my camera (even though I'm sure I don't understand most of them) that I wasn't the least bit embarrassed to explain to my roommate that I was figuring out how to take photos of my outfit. She nodded slowly and asked no further questions. I eventually discovered, much to my dismay, that the most favorable light shone through my tiny window at the wee hour of 8 in the morning. Anyone who knows me will certainly be able to vouch for the fact that I am not a morning person. But this set of photos was taken around noon and didn't give me too much trouble, so we'll see if I can manage to drag myself out of my comfy pillowed retreat half an hour early and yield some more favorable results. I also still wear this necklace with everything.

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Detail of the Week: Black Patent Oxfords

Black Patent Oxfords - ALDO

When it's not too cold out (and it hasn't been this past week) I like to wear these patent brogues in lieu of my everyday winter boots. I had a pair of cutout oxfords that I wore to pieces (most literally) and I had to send them on their way this past spring. It took me quite some time before I found a pair that looked sturdy enough to last more than one season on my feet, as I tend to be rather tough on my shoes. I like them best paired with tights and a patterned skirt or dress to contrast their traditional masculinity, and their heels tend to make a satisfying clicking sound as I walk down the sidewalk.


Art Deco

Louise Pederson by Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark (via FashionGoneRogue)

For the latest project in my fashion presentation techniques class we were asked to choose a theme from which we would build a coordinating color scheme, fabrics, designs, and the likes. But before I could get a word in edgewise, the art deco theme was called for, pulled out from under me. Had I managed to speak up, my mood board would have been covered in Prada prints and chunky architectural jewelry. 


Sensing Your Location

tan Express cable knit sweater $4 - thrifted / navy polka dot skirt $3 - thrifted+hemmed / leather heeled ankle boots $24 - Gap

Outfit repeating, when done right, can almost go unnoticed. I successfully wore this outfit twice last week, once to day of classes and once on my day off, seemingly without anyone noticing. When my sleep-ridden mind finally manages to put together something comfortable, weather-appropriate, and relatively cute, I like to make a mental note. Once in a while I'll press snooze too many times, or stay in bed for five minutes too long, and then I realize I have only fifteen minutes to put on clothes, do something with my ridiculous bedhead, ingest any form of caffeine I can find, and make it to class on time. Last time I wore this back in the fall I got quite a few complements, so I'm sure that positive reinforcement convinced I was doing something right. But after I took the train home in the afternoon on Friday, my mom asked me "Is today Ugly Sweater Day?" I happen to think this is a great sweater, and I've finally gathered some pieces of faux suede and leather to sew elbow patches onto it! 

I've been trying to figure out ways to continue posting outfits while I'm here at school. When the temperatures drop to about thirty degrees during the day, my friends aren't often inclined to stand around in the cold and take "interesting" photos of my thrifted skirts, let alone venture far from heated buildings. My schedule this past week has also been insane. I've had more work to do this past weekend than on any given weekend last term, and I'm even taking one less class! I'm still trying to figure out how that works. I spent all day Wednesday as a volunteer at a charity fashion show, which left me without much energy to finish a rather substantial project, let alone time to sleep. If I can help it (and if my roommate's coffee maker doesn't wake me up at 7) I'm sleeping in.
This is also the first time I'm posting photos with my new hair color! I gave myself an at-home ombré dye job a couple of days into the new year and I like it more and more every day. I'd like to eventually bring the lighter color higher up and possibly go a little lighter if my hair is up to it.

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New Year's Laze

Plaid shirt $13 - TJMaxx / Leggings $6 - H&M / Oversized t-shirt $4, chunky knit scarf $13 - Gap / Suede wedges $25 - Bamboo
*photos by my brother

By the time this goes up, it will have already been about two weeks into the new year, but this is what I wore for the most low-key New Year's Eve ever. It involved a lot of veggies and dip and an intense session of Just Dance for the Wii. I knew that I would be more interested in being comfortable than anything else so I piled on the loose layers. I'm also very much against wearing legging as pants and went through great lengths to a find a plaid button-down that covered my butt! I bought this t-shirt in about five sizes larger than I usually wear hoping to style it as a sort of tunic, but it's recently shrunk in the wash and now it's just...incredibly over sized. One thing I don't mind being oversized? This scarf. It's gigantic and wonderful. A customer returned it because it was too large to close their coat over (who tucks a circle scarf into their coat anyway??) and it was love at first sight. With the scarf, not the customer.

I've been back at school for a week now and already have a few projects on my plate. I registered for only five classes this term, compared the the six I've taken every other quarter, which has opened up some significant amounts of time during which I'll hopefully be able to work. But until then I'll be essentially living in the Mac labs and Blick art supply store thanks to my Presentation Techniques class and my very detail oriented professor. Next week I'll also be volunteering at first ever fashion show fundraiser hosted by the Flyers' Wives and Nicole Miller Philadelphia! More info on the event can be found here.


The Shirt Dress

T by Alexander Wang
Opening Ceremony
In my recent quest to build a practical yet stylish closet (with a bit of quirkiness), I've found myself searching endlessly for the just the right shirt dress. This specific silhouette embodies the timelessness of an men's inspired oxford, often with buttons down the front and a collar. My favorite ones happen to have a more feminine take; they often come in at the waist, have a fuller skirt, and boast an interesting print or detail. One such detail I'm finding myself drawn to is a contrasting collar. Cutting the collar off of an old shirt sounds easy enough, so I'm itching to go on a thrifting trip to see what I can find.


The Sunshine State

By the time this post goes up, I'll hopefully be well on my way to a mini vacation in Florida! 

In case you're interested in my traveling antics, I'll be updating my twitter a bit obsessively.


Leather Shorts

Chambray shirt - Gap / Green satchel - Urban Outfitters / Faux leather shorts $4 - TJMaxx / Coach loafers $5 - thrifted / Gold necklace $12 - Forever 21

I'll admit it, these shorts make me feel really cool. When I wear them, I feel like a sort of rebel, cruelty-free advocating, biker chick. Obviously not everyone shares that notion, for when I held them up to my mom in the store she sort of guffawed until she realized, from the earnest expression of joy on my face, that I was in fact not kidding. I tried my best to tone them down for work, in all of their rebel glory, with a classic button down and penny loafer, but it seems that their synthetic leather charm is simply irresistible. I was ringing up a customer, a middle aged man and his wife to be exact, when the aforementioned man leaned over the counter and said "I really like your leather shorts," with a grin that made me almost as uncomfortable as his comment. I still don't know what to make of the situation. But will I stop wearing these shorts? Absolutely not. Maybe just not to work.