New Year's Laze

Plaid shirt $13 - TJMaxx / Leggings $6 - H&M / Oversized t-shirt $4, chunky knit scarf $13 - Gap / Suede wedges $25 - Bamboo
*photos by my brother

By the time this goes up, it will have already been about two weeks into the new year, but this is what I wore for the most low-key New Year's Eve ever. It involved a lot of veggies and dip and an intense session of Just Dance for the Wii. I knew that I would be more interested in being comfortable than anything else so I piled on the loose layers. I'm also very much against wearing legging as pants and went through great lengths to a find a plaid button-down that covered my butt! I bought this t-shirt in about five sizes larger than I usually wear hoping to style it as a sort of tunic, but it's recently shrunk in the wash and now it's just...incredibly over sized. One thing I don't mind being oversized? This scarf. It's gigantic and wonderful. A customer returned it because it was too large to close their coat over (who tucks a circle scarf into their coat anyway??) and it was love at first sight. With the scarf, not the customer.

I've been back at school for a week now and already have a few projects on my plate. I registered for only five classes this term, compared the the six I've taken every other quarter, which has opened up some significant amounts of time during which I'll hopefully be able to work. But until then I'll be essentially living in the Mac labs and Blick art supply store thanks to my Presentation Techniques class and my very detail oriented professor. Next week I'll also be volunteering at first ever fashion show fundraiser hosted by the Flyers' Wives and Nicole Miller Philadelphia! More info on the event can be found here.


  1. A fashion show fundraiser sounds like SO much fun! Hope everything goes really well! That story about the customer is too funny, I don't think scarves should be tucked inside coats either! They are too pretty to not be seen! Personally I think the oversizedness of the scarf is perfect! I've been looking for something like that!

  2. I can't believe that scarf was only $13 Nice deal!

  3. i love it! you are so friggin' cute girl! that scarf looks so warm and cozy. <3