Leather Shorts

Chambray shirt - Gap / Green satchel - Urban Outfitters / Faux leather shorts $4 - TJMaxx / Coach loafers $5 - thrifted / Gold necklace $12 - Forever 21

I'll admit it, these shorts make me feel really cool. When I wear them, I feel like a sort of rebel, cruelty-free advocating, biker chick. Obviously not everyone shares that notion, for when I held them up to my mom in the store she sort of guffawed until she realized, from the earnest expression of joy on my face, that I was in fact not kidding. I tried my best to tone them down for work, in all of their rebel glory, with a classic button down and penny loafer, but it seems that their synthetic leather charm is simply irresistible. I was ringing up a customer, a middle aged man and his wife to be exact, when the aforementioned man leaned over the counter and said "I really like your leather shorts," with a grin that made me almost as uncomfortable as his comment. I still don't know what to make of the situation. But will I stop wearing these shorts? Absolutely not. Maybe just not to work.


  1. LOL!! "I 'really' like your shorts!" Creeper!! I love my leather shorts too. I have a high waist pair from H&M and I can't wait to wear them more when the weather warms up again. I seriously need to go to TJ Maxx. I swear I see more and more girls with awesome things from there. :) Love your look today!

    Also, I'd love to see that website you told me about in the email. :)


  2. Love this outfit...and your style! These shorts are awesome, I would feel pretty cool in them too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I cannot believe that you scored those shorts for $4! Totally worth it. I love them. But that old man? Wow. That's just creepy!

  4. P.S. Just found your blog today and I think you look like you could be Kendi's sister from Kendi Everyday! :)

  5. Great steal on those shorts! I want them! xoxo