Sensing Your Location

tan Express cable knit sweater $4 - thrifted / navy polka dot skirt $3 - thrifted+hemmed / leather heeled ankle boots $24 - Gap

Outfit repeating, when done right, can almost go unnoticed. I successfully wore this outfit twice last week, once to day of classes and once on my day off, seemingly without anyone noticing. When my sleep-ridden mind finally manages to put together something comfortable, weather-appropriate, and relatively cute, I like to make a mental note. Once in a while I'll press snooze too many times, or stay in bed for five minutes too long, and then I realize I have only fifteen minutes to put on clothes, do something with my ridiculous bedhead, ingest any form of caffeine I can find, and make it to class on time. Last time I wore this back in the fall I got quite a few complements, so I'm sure that positive reinforcement convinced I was doing something right. But after I took the train home in the afternoon on Friday, my mom asked me "Is today Ugly Sweater Day?" I happen to think this is a great sweater, and I've finally gathered some pieces of faux suede and leather to sew elbow patches onto it! 

I've been trying to figure out ways to continue posting outfits while I'm here at school. When the temperatures drop to about thirty degrees during the day, my friends aren't often inclined to stand around in the cold and take "interesting" photos of my thrifted skirts, let alone venture far from heated buildings. My schedule this past week has also been insane. I've had more work to do this past weekend than on any given weekend last term, and I'm even taking one less class! I'm still trying to figure out how that works. I spent all day Wednesday as a volunteer at a charity fashion show, which left me without much energy to finish a rather substantial project, let alone time to sleep. If I can help it (and if my roommate's coffee maker doesn't wake me up at 7) I'm sleeping in.
This is also the first time I'm posting photos with my new hair color! I gave myself an at-home ombré dye job a couple of days into the new year and I like it more and more every day. I'd like to eventually bring the lighter color higher up and possibly go a little lighter if my hair is up to it.

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  1. i love the ombre hair girl! just the ends looks really nice and natural. :) and i absolutely love that skirt. what a great thrift find. i've been noticing all of you school posts on twitter. i'm glad you get the chance to post every once in a while as I enjoy your blog! <3


  2. I really love your outfit and you're very beautiful!!! Great blog!!! I'm following you now.. if you want take a look at my new blog and follow me too!!! Let me know!! kiss :D


  3. I like your look!! I'm following you! I hope u 'll follow me too thank u kiss

  4. I'm loving your style, I think it's very similar to mine. I'm following you in twitter u so I'll come here more often. :-)

  5. Love the hair - and the outfit! So simple but so cute :)

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