DIY: Turquoise Beaded Necklace

I've always had an affinity for turquoise jewelry; my favorite necklace when I was a kid was a strand of turquoise beads from New Mexico, and last summer a ring with a turquoise stone was eternally glued to my finger. What I like most about this color stone is that it compliments a range of different colors, my favorites being black, red, and yellow. Turquoise necklaces have come back in a big way and I've found myself longing for a statement piece. I couldn't find one that was just right, so I made one myself and thought I'd share how I did it! 

What you'll need:
-  2 strands of turquoise beads from the craft store
- clasp, chain, and rings to create the closure
- scissors
- new chain or string
- needle and thread

First, determine the desired length of your necklace. If you're putting the beads on a new string or chain, measure and cut the string or purchase a chain of your desired length. For the beads I used, I kept them on their original strand. I overlapped the ends of two strands, then used thread to secure to the loose ends to the opposite strand.

Using your pliers and rings, attached the clasp and chain closures to the ends. Make sure you pinch the rings closed tightly so that the strand or thread won't slip through!

And that's it! I wore mine all day today. I picked these beads because their shape reminded me of coral or a coral reef. I think I'd like to make one out of turquoise needles too. 

I put the finished product on my new jewelry stand!


(K)not a Scarf

White linen dress - Forever 21; $23
Printed silk scarf - Bill Blass, vintage; $4
Black bow flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters 

Today's misadventures included chasing a rogue menace of a puppy up and down someone else's street because said puppy escaped from someone else's house. I like to think of myself as a pet-sitter extraordinaire. Though to clarify I wasn't wearing this dress while all of that happened. I think it's easy to get carried away at stores like Forever 21, where I've walked out with three floral dresses that look essentially identical. I noticed (when I was organizing my closet by color) that I don't own any white dresses. As I was mentally constructing outfits this week I kept getting stuck due to a void that only a white-ish dress could fill. Many of my accessories have found a happy summer home in this piece. 

Maybe wearing a scarf as a belt isn't as novel an idea as I originally thought. But after trying on every single belt in my closet and not finding one that looked right, I thought my decision to wear a scarf instead was a stroke of genius. I returned to the antique and craft mall where I found this scarf last year but I didn't leave with any incredible finds. The contents of that store are always changing, so maybe I'll go back later in the summer.

The Summer Sun Shone Round Me

So far this summer...

I've had the most delicious margherita pizza at Slice in South Philly

seen Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes at World Cafe Live

chilled out in the pool and caught up with friends I've missed 

changed my nail color on a weekly basis (all of my favorite colors are in heavy rotation)

chased a puppy through the park

found the perfect pair of mid-rise jeans

and the cutest bicycle pendant (to match my bike!)

spent the afternoon people-watching by the lake


Not Sure

Neon yellow top - H&M; $5
Navy skirt - Gap; $20
Turquoise geode necklace - Forever 21; $4
Black sandals, black belt

I had high hopes for this outfit, but after looking at my photos I felt like it didn't come together just right. I guess an easy way to solve that problem would be to get a full-length mirror for my room, but I don't think there's even space for one. I'll also admit that I committed a bit of a faux pas by pairing this navy skirt with black. My first instinct was to wear this top with a black skirt, but I thought it would look even cooler with navy blue, mostly because I was drawing from Proenza Schouler's Spring '10 tye-dye color pallete.

I bought this top last summer and I consider it my first baby-step into the "neon trend" territory. As I walked into H&M it greeted me with a ridiculously low price tag and a basic tank top silhouette that promised never-ending versatility. I liked its sheer quality too, it allows me to tone down the color by layering it over camisoles; I also wore it once with just a black bandeau underneath. But today this outfit came with me as I ran back and forth from the house to the store back to the house back to the store then over to let out the dogs I'm petsitting then back to the store again and finally back home. For a day where I predicted I would have nothing to do I actually got quite a bit accomplished, including a DIY amoire make-over.


What Inspires: Sunday, June 26





A whimsical beard on a stick
A collection of framed memories
Gilded mirrors reflected in gilded mirrors
Buttoned-up collars and chunky necklaces at Proenza Schouler
Pink walled alleyways in Austria

*All photos click through to the source


Tribal Enough?

Beaded top - Mossimo for Target; $5
Pink printed skirt - J. Crew outlet; $14
Brown embroidered belt - Forever 21; $5
Ecote black wooden sole sandals - Urban Outfitters; gift
Orange ring- H&M,; $4 for two
Bronze elephant ring - Charlotte Russe; $4

Yesterday I was putting away my clean laundry and saw this shirt sitting on the top of a pile in my dresser drawer. I made a mental note to wear it soon because I haven't worn it out since I bought back in February. I stood up, turned around, and across the room my eyes landed upon this skirt, hanging in the middle of my closet, and everything just clicked! I had a wardrobe epiphany, and so these two lonely pieces of clothing found their match. When I bought this skirt I actually bought a striped top to go with it, but the colors of the stripes were the exact same shade as the print on the skirt. I tried them on together when I got home and the outfit felt too matchy, it just wasn't me. I really am trying to only purchase clothes that I'm positive I'll actually wear. Though I will admit when I bought this top, even though I was persuaded by it's orange clearance tag, a little voice in the back of my head was telling me that with it's neutral black and white pallete I could wear it with anything in my closet. If only all of my shopping decisions were made with such prudence.

I don't know how to exactly describe the print on this skirt. It kind of resembles flowers, but I wouldn't call it a floral. Once I paired it with this top and embroidered belt I felt like it had more of a tribal feel. This is what I'm wearing to my first day back at work, so I had to make sure my hem was long enough. It's only a three hour shift, and folding clothes and straightening displays isn't exactly strenuous work, but I'm hoping my feet will tolerate these shoes.

I'm actually really excited to start working again. Knowing that I'm earning some money and retail experience makes me feel more productive. The employee discount doesn't hurt either. ;) Not to mention I get to scope out all the merchandise. Confession: I like to organize the sale rack so that I can find the lowest priced items for myself.

As soon as I came inside I heard some loud, fat raindrops against the roof top. It would be great if a day could pass without rain! I also emailed management for Foster the People after I found out they have a show a the TLA next week. I hope I'm not too late to get a photo pass for the show. Hope you're enjoying your Friday!

Foster the People // Pumped Up Kicks


Gray Hazy Days

Another afternoon spent at the park. This time my brothers and I took my dad's dogs out for a little nature excursion.

This my baby pup, Chrissy! She's a little more than a year and half old and is the sweetest Cockapoo in the entire world. And she's not really mine, but I like to pretend. Both dogs were wiped out after less than an hour. Even though the sky was full of gray clouds, it was heated humidity made up for lack of sunlight. There was even a foggy haze over the lake.

I like to call this chambray dress my "bicycle dress" because last year it was my favorite piece to don when I took my cruiser for a ride. The full skirt and lightweight fabric made it ideal for summer temps. The only thing I don't like is that it ties in the back which keeps me from wearing  belts with it.

Chambray dress - Marshall's; $10
White sneakers - $5


Chloé Resort 2012

Do you remember where you were when you heard that Hannah MacGibbon was leaving Chloé? I was sitting next to a fellow D&M and die-hard MacGibbon fan in the fashion design computer lab. "When I become the creative director of a huge design house," she said, "I'm going to dedicate an entire collection to Hannah, one with lots of snakeskin." I wished her luck.

I love a muted pussy-bow blouse as much as the next girl, but I'm actually quite interested to see what sort of aesthetic Clare Waight Keller will impose come Fall, especially as far as knitwear goes. But for now I'm absolutely captivated with some of the looks from this resort collection. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that long, dreamy floral dress accented with a belt. And those strapped cognac shoes? I want them. Now. My other favorites are the series of blue and green pieces, especially that flowing emerald dress. I was also surprised by the sweatsuits that didn't really look like sweatsuits. My first instinct was to scrunch my nose in disgust, but I think the wide-pant silhouette and gold-button detailing reminded me that I shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement.

***I spy a snakeskin clutch. Just sayin'

photos via Vogue

Till the Sun Shines

Feather print top - Marshall's; $3
Mauve skirt - Forever 21; $17
Brown wing-tip oxfords - thrifted; $1
Deer print tote - Etsy; $20
Bird cage pendant - craft store; $4
Brown braided leather belt

I spent the afternoon in the park that's down the street from my house. It was breezy but no too windy and the sun made the lake full of boaters and kayaks sparkle, so basically it was the perfect summer day. I ran up to this gazebo overlooking the lake; it's in a scenic area and is surrounded by walking trails and bike paths, so some interaction with other people in the park was inevitable I guess. I was adjusting my tripod several times and first an older man walking past offered to take my pictures for me. I politely declined, and not five minutes later a woman and her granddaughter asked the same...then a runner who was taking a rest on a bench offered his assistance. I felt a little awkward, mostly because I assumed I would go unnoticed, but I forgot that having a camera out in a public place is the universal sign for "Strangers! Come ask me questions!" Some kids on their bikes stopped to watch me, which didn't make me as uncomfortable, I guess they were just curious.

When I pulled out this top this morning I immediately though: "Print mix!" I even took the extra time to cut and hem a vintage dress with a cool print that I thought would look good with it, but when I put them on it didn't feel right. It felt too busy, probably because the shapes in the print of the skirt were the same size as the feather print on my top. Oh well, getting dressed is always a series of trial-and-error anyway, isn't it?

P.S. The only song I've been listening to for days now is House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. God, the sixties were so great for music.