Young Blood

Purple floral dress - vintage/altered
Denim vest with leathe collar - vintage
Green satchel, Ecote wooden sandals - Urban Outfitters, $20, gift

I came across this vest last week while I was moving some boxes around in the garage. I came across of pile of rejects from my mother's closet in which I found this vest along with several others, and even some oversized denim shirts. I don't know who in their right mind would want to get rid of this beauty, with it's black leather collar. How cool is that? I was channeling a 90's grunge sort of vibe which is why I paired it with this floral dress. Come fall, I'll add some ripped tights and black boots to really commit to that inspiration.

I received these wooden soled sandals for my birthday about two weeks ago. I wore them out the day after I got them but didn't break them in and suffered the consequences in the form of several blisters. Ouch! I sat them on a shelf under the weight of the a pair of boots which did the trick. I wore them all day without a problem. At least I learned my lesson!


  1. I love the denim vest with your dress! I can't wait to see how you style it in the fall/winter.

  2. This green satchel is superb. Definitely adds character to any outfit.

    Megan Joy

  3. Lovely vest! Moms are strange...they could bury some fantastic old clothes in their wardrobe and completely dislike them! They're lucky that us, their daughters, can really appreciate their old pieces of clothing ;)


  4. Okay so I am kinda green with envy over that dress :) its gorgeous the colours the pleats. If you ever get sick of it ;) You have beautiful prints on your clothing x