Not Sure

Neon yellow top - H&M; $5
Navy skirt - Gap; $20
Turquoise geode necklace - Forever 21; $4
Black sandals, black belt

I had high hopes for this outfit, but after looking at my photos I felt like it didn't come together just right. I guess an easy way to solve that problem would be to get a full-length mirror for my room, but I don't think there's even space for one. I'll also admit that I committed a bit of a faux pas by pairing this navy skirt with black. My first instinct was to wear this top with a black skirt, but I thought it would look even cooler with navy blue, mostly because I was drawing from Proenza Schouler's Spring '10 tye-dye color pallete.

I bought this top last summer and I consider it my first baby-step into the "neon trend" territory. As I walked into H&M it greeted me with a ridiculously low price tag and a basic tank top silhouette that promised never-ending versatility. I liked its sheer quality too, it allows me to tone down the color by layering it over camisoles; I also wore it once with just a black bandeau underneath. But today this outfit came with me as I ran back and forth from the house to the store back to the house back to the store then over to let out the dogs I'm petsitting then back to the store again and finally back home. For a day where I predicted I would have nothing to do I actually got quite a bit accomplished, including a DIY amoire make-over.

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