If It's a Summer Day With Not a Cloud in Sight

Top - American Apparel, "acquired"
Floral skirt - vintage via my mother
Bow flats- Urban Outfitters, gift
Purple belt - Forever 21, $4
Rings - H&M, $6
Bronze fringe necklace - vintage via eBay, $4

It was gray and cloudy all day, so I'm glad I waited until the early evening to take my photos because the sun finally came out for a little. I haven't been up to anything exciting, just running errands like Father's Day shopping and mailing items sold on eBay. I actually won this vintage bronze fringe necklace on eBay, which saved me the time it would have took hunting for one in stores. The skirt belonged to my mother back in the nineties, I think she said she thrifted it, but it remains in superb condition. For one reason or another I had a lot of trouble styling it, and this is the only shirt I like enough to wear it with.

Funny story about this top: it made its way into a load of my laundry somewhere between the washer the dryer. I didn't notice until I brought my clothes back to my room to fold them, and when I realized my mistake I later returned it to the pile of forlorn socks, articles of clothing, bedding, and used dryer sheets that served as a "lost and found" in the dorm laundry room. Two weeks later I spotted it on the edge of the pile, assuming that the owner had decided to give it up. And at that point I just sort of...took it. It was the end of the term and all those forgotten items would have been donated to a thrift store anyway!

My standard set of gear. I never used to include my bags in outfit photos being they weren't necessarily a styling choice because I wore the same one every day. Only recently have I started switching out my bags regularly. I like this green satchel because it's so roomy but still structured (and it reminds me of the Proenza Schouler PS1). I use my printed tote if I need to carry something large like a notebook or cardigan, and then I have a small chain strap that's a bit dressier. Even though this satchel is such a saturated hue, it fits rather seamlessly into my summer wardrobe.

And I was inspired by this post yesterday and so I ran out and got a kit to make friendship bracelets! I was really into jewelry making when I was younger, so this is like a blast from the past: nostalgia at its best.

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  1. That was your mums skirt from the 90s?? love it!!! i get so jealous of people who use their mums vintage clothes!!! so cool. I often look at my mums old pictures and get cranky hehe and say MUM naughty you should have saved this for me. of course she didnt know she would have me ;) anyway enough I LOVE THE SKIRT. that necklace my eyes went straight to it and those adorable shoes. and i love the story about the top. SCORE!!