URBN, Because Vowels are for Squares

This past Saturday was my university's annual fashion show. My friends, who are in Design & Merchandising too, and I volunteered to work as dressers. We spent a 12-hour day at Urban Outfitter's headquarters in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, which is probably the coolest place I've every seen. Was it crazy? Yes. Would I do it again? Aboslutely! I also found out that as a senior in D&M I can take a course called Fashion Show production which lasts for two terms where I'll help coordinate and produce this same event; I'll be saving a spot in my schedule.

Before the dress rehearsal started, we hung around on the comfy printed couches and sat by the ponds outside the URBN offices. I'm not kidding, there were koi fish ponds with Buddha fountains, surrounded by bamboo trees. Just imagine what it must be like to work in such a cool environment?

Gift bags were being filled for the guests at the later show. And check out the cool painted buoys draped across the ceiling!

Sketches from each designer's collection led the way to the runway

This large floral mural was painted on the wall by the entrance doors

We sat outside by the docks to eat our lunch, and floating the water were these planters that spelled out "URBN."

Once the first show was underway, the backstage area got pretty hectic. Shoes and garments were flying while models and dressers ran back and forth. We had a minor crisis when the collar my model's finale dress started to come undone. We frantically waved down the seamstress and stitched it into place with literally seconds to spare. 

Me with my friend Shannon, packing up all of the garments and accessories on my rack after the last show. We opted for all black outfits, considering we were working behind the scenes.

Sneaky pictures of male models, hehehe

I feel like this was a really great way to end my freshman year of college. As I'm writing this post I'm taking a break from packing up my dorm room, and my mom and brother just let with about half of my belongings. Now I have to buckle down and make some serious progress on my final projects. And now that I'm thinking about it, I could have done something like print out several copies of my resume to slip under URBN's office doors...or would that have looked too desperate?

All photos courtesy of my friend Marylyn and her camera! Thanks a ton!

Black cotton dress, leggings- H&M, $5, $6
Black bow flats, green bag - Urban Outfitters, gift, $20


  1. wow! SO jealous. Do you mind me asking what school you go to? I used to go to Drexel and I know Urban Outfitters is very friendly with Drexel (I believe one of the "big cheeses" of the company is an alum).

    love your outfit btw...you can never go wrong with all black:)

  2. Oh man, this is what makes me want to pursue fashion... but I suppose that's a lame excuse haha.

    One of my friend's sisters went to Drexel and told me about the fashion show there and how cool it was in the building... she graduated last year, I believe.

    Congrats on finishing your freshman year! Well, almost :)


  3. Seems you had a crazy but awesome day :) I like your outfit by the way, especially the flats!


  4. Wish I could've gone :( congrats on finishing your first yeeeear! Yay!
    P.s. check my bloggie, I gave you an award :)