(K)not a Scarf

White linen dress - Forever 21; $23
Printed silk scarf - Bill Blass, vintage; $4
Black bow flats - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters 

Today's misadventures included chasing a rogue menace of a puppy up and down someone else's street because said puppy escaped from someone else's house. I like to think of myself as a pet-sitter extraordinaire. Though to clarify I wasn't wearing this dress while all of that happened. I think it's easy to get carried away at stores like Forever 21, where I've walked out with three floral dresses that look essentially identical. I noticed (when I was organizing my closet by color) that I don't own any white dresses. As I was mentally constructing outfits this week I kept getting stuck due to a void that only a white-ish dress could fill. Many of my accessories have found a happy summer home in this piece. 

Maybe wearing a scarf as a belt isn't as novel an idea as I originally thought. But after trying on every single belt in my closet and not finding one that looked right, I thought my decision to wear a scarf instead was a stroke of genius. I returned to the antique and craft mall where I found this scarf last year but I didn't leave with any incredible finds. The contents of that store are always changing, so maybe I'll go back later in the summer.


  1. This dress is lovely on you, I love its shape! And being a white linen dress it should be also very cool and fresh!


  2. just went through your blog and it's so cute! and wearing a scarf as a belt really is a great idea:) x

  3. Thank you Laura! You're very kind. :)