Tribal Enough?

Beaded top - Mossimo for Target; $5
Pink printed skirt - J. Crew outlet; $14
Brown embroidered belt - Forever 21; $5
Ecote black wooden sole sandals - Urban Outfitters; gift
Orange ring- H&M,; $4 for two
Bronze elephant ring - Charlotte Russe; $4

Yesterday I was putting away my clean laundry and saw this shirt sitting on the top of a pile in my dresser drawer. I made a mental note to wear it soon because I haven't worn it out since I bought back in February. I stood up, turned around, and across the room my eyes landed upon this skirt, hanging in the middle of my closet, and everything just clicked! I had a wardrobe epiphany, and so these two lonely pieces of clothing found their match. When I bought this skirt I actually bought a striped top to go with it, but the colors of the stripes were the exact same shade as the print on the skirt. I tried them on together when I got home and the outfit felt too matchy, it just wasn't me. I really am trying to only purchase clothes that I'm positive I'll actually wear. Though I will admit when I bought this top, even though I was persuaded by it's orange clearance tag, a little voice in the back of my head was telling me that with it's neutral black and white pallete I could wear it with anything in my closet. If only all of my shopping decisions were made with such prudence.

I don't know how to exactly describe the print on this skirt. It kind of resembles flowers, but I wouldn't call it a floral. Once I paired it with this top and embroidered belt I felt like it had more of a tribal feel. This is what I'm wearing to my first day back at work, so I had to make sure my hem was long enough. It's only a three hour shift, and folding clothes and straightening displays isn't exactly strenuous work, but I'm hoping my feet will tolerate these shoes.

I'm actually really excited to start working again. Knowing that I'm earning some money and retail experience makes me feel more productive. The employee discount doesn't hurt either. ;) Not to mention I get to scope out all the merchandise. Confession: I like to organize the sale rack so that I can find the lowest priced items for myself.

As soon as I came inside I heard some loud, fat raindrops against the roof top. It would be great if a day could pass without rain! I also emailed management for Foster the People after I found out they have a show a the TLA next week. I hope I'm not too late to get a photo pass for the show. Hope you're enjoying your Friday!

Foster the People // Pumped Up Kicks


  1. SUCH a cute outfit!!

    If you follow my blog and comment saying you did, I'll follow yours back xoxo


  2. I like this outfit, it's perfect for working but still being cute. I love the pattern on your belt too.


  3. sooo so cute! love that skirt