Gray Hazy Days

Another afternoon spent at the park. This time my brothers and I took my dad's dogs out for a little nature excursion.

This my baby pup, Chrissy! She's a little more than a year and half old and is the sweetest Cockapoo in the entire world. And she's not really mine, but I like to pretend. Both dogs were wiped out after less than an hour. Even though the sky was full of gray clouds, it was heated humidity made up for lack of sunlight. There was even a foggy haze over the lake.

I like to call this chambray dress my "bicycle dress" because last year it was my favorite piece to don when I took my cruiser for a ride. The full skirt and lightweight fabric made it ideal for summer temps. The only thing I don't like is that it ties in the back which keeps me from wearing  belts with it.

Chambray dress - Marshall's; $10
White sneakers - $5


  1. cute cute dress! love the denim

  2. This dress is adorable! I'm actually looking for a dress like this to wear in summer (that means, now!).
    And your father's puppy is so cute :)