It Feels Like It Might Rain on Me

Black eyelet top - XOXO via Plato's Closet; $0.50
Red-violet button front skirt - Nom de Plume, Urban Outfitters; $10
Pink belt - vintage
Black bow flats - Cooperative, Urban Outfitters; gift
Deer tote- Etsy; $20

Clearly the Pennsylvania sky is having some issues. Within minutes it went from gray and humid to sunny and rainy. Sometimes it thundered, sometimes it didn't. When I finally made it out the front door to run some errands I stopped and looked up to see a divisive line of gray clouds and blue sky right over my house. If I believed in signs I'd have taken that as a bad omen. But as per usual, everything cleared up by the time early evening rolled around and we got a small taste of golden summer sunlight.

There are some shopping successes that are just too good to forget about, and this top is one of them. I happened upon it three summers ago in Plato's Closet. It was tagged as a fifty cent extra-small tank top which was clearly a mistake, because the Macy's price tag attached to the XOXO label read $50. You could only imagine my elation, and when the cashier didn't catch the error I felt like a bona fide thief (oxymoron?). This skirt was originally two sizes too big but I pulled some sewing-machine-magic and made it fit. I switched out the belt it came with, which was more decorative than functional as it was made of floppy fabric, for this one that was salvaged from one of my grandmother's vintage dresses I had ruined. I'm kind of hoping that if I ruin some more gems from the seventies someone will eventually pay for sewing classes.

As I was taking these photos I was startled by my neighbor, who waved at me from over the fence. I was fumbling with my tripod and then I dropped my camera. I practically crapped myself. I watched in horror as it bounced and rolled until it eventually landed several yards away. It was like a slow motion playback, I swept at it but missed it several times before it hit the ground, and I was just waiting for the lens to shatter upon each impact. Ugh, I feel nauseated just thinking about it. Thankfully it's (currently) functioning and all in one piece. Or two, technically. Also, I'm trying out some new vintage film filters with my editing program. Thoughts? Do you think it's cool or does it just look like a mistake?

Coconut Records // Summer Day


  1. It actually doesn't look like a mistake! Cute outfit anyway, and that top is an amazing find! For only 50 cent..lucky you!


  2. that's awesome that you fixed the skirt yourself, and what a deal for the top! you look great :)