Till the Sun Shines

Feather print top - Marshall's; $3
Mauve skirt - Forever 21; $17
Brown wing-tip oxfords - thrifted; $1
Deer print tote - Etsy; $20
Bird cage pendant - craft store; $4
Brown braided leather belt

I spent the afternoon in the park that's down the street from my house. It was breezy but no too windy and the sun made the lake full of boaters and kayaks sparkle, so basically it was the perfect summer day. I ran up to this gazebo overlooking the lake; it's in a scenic area and is surrounded by walking trails and bike paths, so some interaction with other people in the park was inevitable I guess. I was adjusting my tripod several times and first an older man walking past offered to take my pictures for me. I politely declined, and not five minutes later a woman and her granddaughter asked the same...then a runner who was taking a rest on a bench offered his assistance. I felt a little awkward, mostly because I assumed I would go unnoticed, but I forgot that having a camera out in a public place is the universal sign for "Strangers! Come ask me questions!" Some kids on their bikes stopped to watch me, which didn't make me as uncomfortable, I guess they were just curious.

When I pulled out this top this morning I immediately though: "Print mix!" I even took the extra time to cut and hem a vintage dress with a cool print that I thought would look good with it, but when I put them on it didn't feel right. It felt too busy, probably because the shapes in the print of the skirt were the same size as the feather print on my top. Oh well, getting dressed is always a series of trial-and-error anyway, isn't it?

P.S. The only song I've been listening to for days now is House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. God, the sixties were so great for music.

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  1. House of the rising sun is a great song; I also like Bob Dylan's version. I love music from the sixties! I recently found a serie of documentaries about rock music made by the BBC called "the seven ages of rock": the first one is about '60 music; you can find it on Megavideo!
    I love the outfit and the location is perfect :)