Wandering Around

Silk button down blouse, brown braided belt - thrifted, $4
Floral skirt - thrifted/altered, $4
Brown wedge sandals - Ross, $17
Red socks - flea market, $1

I am officially unpacked! I would have liked to declare this as my first day of summer vacation but the cloudy sky is keeping me from feeling totally "summery." I opted for long sleeves and socks, but I don't mind mixing it up. The last two weeks have been hot and humid making anything more than a light dress uncomfortable.

My trip to the fabric store yesterday was quite fruitful, as per usual. I found a great navy georgette fabric for only $1 per yard and hopefully I'll be able to finish a dress I've been working on since last year. I've been away from my sewing machine for too long and I miss it! 


  1. You look great! I love the outfit and the gif at the end, too cute!

    I need to start sewing again, but I haven't in such a long time that just thinking about it makes me a little nervous! I guess I'll just have to stop psyching myself out.

  2. cute outfit!! love everything!


  3. Beautiful dress! And lovely saldals :) you really look cute!


  4. Me again ;) When I comment I go crazy :) again i love that floral print. Its so sweet!! and i love the gif at the end of your feet. that made me smile x