See that ugly splint on my thumb? I've spent all afternoon trying to edit it out of this one photograph to no avail. It's also part of the reason behind my week-long absence. Well, not really. I slipped while I was working on my final design project last Tuesday night and had to take a trip to the emergency room. It was nothing serious, I promise you! But I didn't get out until after 3 in the morning, and I knew that if I went to sleep there was no way I would wake up in time for my 8 AM exam the next day. So I avoided oversleeping with one simple step: not going to sleep. And for the record, I would not advise that one pull an all-nighter the night before they have to move.

I found my neighbor's cat in out backyard when I went outside to take photos. She's really a sweetheart and was so affectionate that she knocked over my tripod! I like being home, in my room where it's cozy and in my backyard where it's familiar. As I was unpacking my suitcases I noticed all of the clothes I had left behind. Most of these neglected item hadn't been touched in about a year, so I decided to clean out my closet and dressers, sell what I could, and donate the rest. Then I took to organizing my closet. By color. And length. And sleeve style. As completely obsessive as that sounds, I will admit it's so much easier to find exactly what I want.

Green sheer top - Target, $20
Gray knit skirt - H&M, $10
Black sandals - Ross, $13
Green satchel, brown doubled belt - Urban Outfitters, $20
Peacock feather necklace - Forever 21

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  1. Lovely outfit and gorgeous necklace! And I love willows :) they are so beautiful...