Photo Diary: Miami

Remember when I took a super short trip down to Florida...back in January? Over a month later I've finally manged to go through some of the photos I took. The sporadic spring-like days we've been experiencing here reminded me of how bizarre it felt to lay on the beach in the sun on a mid-winter afternoon. I also discovered that my winter wardrobe is essentially my summer wardrobe with tights and proved to be quite the convenience when travelling. I most certainly am not a winter person, so clearly my decision to stay on the East Coast was not properly thought through.
My good friend Marylyn was my tour guide for the weekend! She led us over the an arts fair that was taking place on her university campus that weekend.
Apparently the artist didn't consider these paintings to be photo-realistic, even though I would like to differ. They're absolutely brilliant.
This puts our innumerable mediocre cheesesteak trucks to shame.
The ducks waddling around campus were not the least bit shy. Apparently manatees are quite the socialites as well, and every so often they're apt to find their way into the canals that run through campus!
Yes, they do exist.


  1. Super cute photos. Looks so warm and summery. As I was scrolling through, my son saw the duck and screamed "duuuuccckkkk!!!" LOL. Have a great weekend doll! <3