Madison Avenue

I call this dress my Mad Men dress. Clearly when I went shopping I drew inspiration from the menswear suits favored by the account men and full Betty Draper-esque skirts; apparently the temperatures aren't the only things in the 60's this week (see what I did there?).It is also necessary to mention that I've watched every episode of the series to date in the past several weeks. Hey, when you're seated at a desk for six to eight hours at a time doing 3D homework there's no better way to pass the time. 

Thanks Marylyn for taking my photos!

And it has pockets!

Gray dress - Ross, $11
Brown doubled belt - Urban Outfitters, $5
Green tights - Target, $3
Jeweled ring 
Brown lace-up boots - thrifted, $6
Gray socks - Target, $3 in a pack


  1. That dress is seriously lovely! The silhouette is so perfect. I imagine once I get a laptop/go off to school, homework will be drawn out with lots and lots of Netflix. I know it now.


  2. I have a black dress that is very similar! I never really thought of it as a Mad Men dress but since you point it out, I may have to start calling it that!

    Lara @
    La Chouette en Dimanche