Sakura Sunday

Today was Sakura Sunday, part of the Cherry Blossom Festival festivities at Fairmount Park. The trees were all covered with gorgeous blooms!  

Some girls eating lunch in their adorable kimonos.

Anything Japanese you could think of was for sale. I wish I had somewhere to wear one of these beautiful kimonos to, then I would have got one for myself.

I'm wearing a new dress I ordered from Asos as a top. I got it because I realized that I was lacking a simpler top to wear with my patterned skirts. Even though it's all black I like the ruffle across the back, I think it makes it really different and interesting. I didn't actually wear it with one of my patterned skirts today, instead I wore this pale green one from H&M. I'm loving everything pastel and pale for spring.

My wonderful friends!

Waiting for the bus and goofing off

In the words of SEPTA, thanks for riding reading with us!

Dress worn as top - Asos, $20
Skirt - H&M, $10
Flats - thrifted, $3
Rose ring - Charlotte Russe, $4


  1. I wanted to go! But I didn't have anyone to go with/I thought it was going to rain so I didn't go. However, I did take a city-trip today and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the trees in bloom!