Next Year

My friend, who I'm rooming with on campus next year, and I met up with our future suit-mate and had a get-to-know-you dinner over Thai food. I think we'll all be getting along just fine come next year. The restaurant is on Lancaster so it's only minutes from the dorms. I changed into this dress that I found at H&M today. I can't resist a floral dress under $20. I'm very weak.

In my defense, I ventured down the shops on Walnut intent on finding a nice dress at Zara. I didn't like anything I tried on, maybe I just felt guilty for blowing off my 3D homework. I like the print even though it reminds me of a country kitchen apron.

The colors in this peacock ring match the dress almost exactly. My collection of animal rings continues to grow. I also desperately need to paint my nails.

I wear these sandals all the time. I can never tell with shoes whether or not they're worth the purchase. If these last me through at least the summer I'll be thrilled.

This dish was called Evil Jungle Princess. I think my friend just ordered it for the name.

Mmm, Pad Thai. 

Hamming it up because I colored my hair earlier in the week. Even though it came out much darker than I intended it's exactly what I wanted, if that makes any sense. My mother will probably freak next time I visit home.

Floral dress - H&M, $17
Navy tights - Gap $4
Brown sandals - Ross, $17
Peacock ring - Charlotte Russe, $4
Brown belt - thrifted


  1. That food looks soooo delicious! I love Thai food. Especially with silly names like Evil Jungle Princess! That's hilarious.


  2. !!! ok first: love the hair. second OMG you met her?? how was it? TEXT ME GIRL