In the Sun

Yesterday my friend and I went on a little adventure through Rittenhouse. We were volunteering at the Kimmel Center by taking fold-out guides to some of the art galleries that are participating in this week's PIFA (Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts) events. Our last stop was in a beautiful side-street neighborhood, surrounded by wrought-iron-gate enclosed gardens and red brick apartments. 

I bought this dress to wear when I go home for the holiday next weekend, but I couldn't resist wearing out on such a gorgeous day. The primary floral print and white lace top make it feel like the epitome of the season - in dress form, that is. 

My friend Marylyn. Thanks again for taking my outfit shots!

We found these Mali bracelets at a "zakka" shop on 16th and Pine. It carried a range of inexpensive accessories, like these bracelets, along with some really cool Japanese products.

But today the weather has taken a turn for the worse, so I'm curled up on my bed with a hot mug of tea and April issues of both Vogue and it's Teen counterpart as I avoid the mess of glue and balsa wood that is my 3D homework. 

Dress - Forever 21, $17
Cardigan sweater - American Eagle (Marshall's), $5
Gray leggings
Brown lace-up boots - thrifted, $6
Mali bracelets - Omoi, $6


  1. LOVING this dress, doll!

    XO Sahra

  2. rittenhouse is one of my favorite neighborhoods, i used to take my outfit pictures in the park. love the print on your dress!

  3. Cute dress!! Hope you have a nice day with your Vogues. :)