Thrift Finds

My mom was stuck at home yesterday because there were no Amtrak trains running from Philadelphia to New York, and so she proposed we make a day out of thrifting. I hadn't gone to most of my favorite stores for months, or even since last summer, and I was excited to get my hands a bit dusty. I'm really excited about what I found and I think I'm almost set for the fall season.

Embroidered peach blouse - $4

The embroidered collar and scalloped edge along the buttons on this blouse tugged at my heartstrings. I'm concerned that I couldn't exactly pull it off with puff sleeves though, so I'm considering cutting them off. Perhaps it would look best with a sharp pair of dark wash jeans. Any thoughts on how I could avoid looking like collectible doll?

Gold coin chain belt - $3 

I think I could throw this belt over any of my dresses as a romantic, but not too sweet, touch.

Tan suedette dress - $5; Floral Express romper - $4; Pink skinny belt - $1

I'm most excited about this tan dress! It's a faux suede, which I don't mind because it's not heavy and doesn't have to be dry cleaned. I love the sleeve length and I'm going to hem it about three inches. The vertical pleats along the waist give the skirt a great shape. I love the print and buttons on this romper, I always end up finding  great pieces from Express circa the 90's. It fits as it is, but I'm planning on turning it into a dress.

Sparkle blazer - $5

Another piece I'm super super excited about is this sparkly blazer! I think I could throw it on top of basically anything if I ever got bored with one of my normal black blazers. It was too fun to pass up.

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