Slip & Fall

Had I known my slip was peeking out from underneath my skirt all morning I would have done something about it, but no one said anything! I guess a little bit of pretty lace isn't too offensive. When I bought this slip dress the woman behind the register commented on how pretty it was and that if she ever decided to be a proper "lady" she should get one for herself. Not meaning to insinuate that I was more "proper" or superior in anyway, I admitted that I had a few dress that were either prone to static or on the sheer side, and a full slip was simply necessary. The fact that it looked nice on the hanger didn't hurt either.

She also wanted to make sure I knew that the skirt I was buying as well was two sizes smaller, perhaps because it looked like I made a mistake. I picked it up originally because it was the perfect color (I barely have any yellow in my wardrobe and it will be really easy to remix) and the perfect length. I'm no good at eyeing sizes, and I was sure it was at least a medium, but the tag read extra small! It had to be mis-marked, or maybe it was meant to be worn low-slung on the hips, either way I came across it due to a stroke of luck. How much more simple shopping would be if only the world had to adhere to standard sizing. 

White sheer blouse, $7 - Marshall's
Yellow skirt, $15; slip, $12; bird rings, $4 - Forever 21
Leopard flats
Vintage belt
Purple ring, $4 for set of 2 - H&M
Blue nail polish - Ulta


  1. I like the slip peeking through! The hem is adorable. I also really like this outfit. Simple and cute and casual. Perfect for summer.