Mexico, Part One

As I anticipate the arrival of Hurricane Irene, I've begun to reflect on the days I spent on the sunny coast of Mexico earlier this month. I initially decided to document each day in photos, but decided against subjecting my already abused camera to a beach full of people and sand. I was also deemed the resident photographer for the trip which included tons of posed family photos, soon to be framed.

We were told to be up before the sunrise in order to get to the airport on time, a minor detail I wasn't informed of until only two days prior. And let me tell you, I'm no morning person. But I treated myself to a flavored coffee and a gratuitous number of magazines once we got to the airport. 

Java and guava, respectively, from the Guava & Java stand in Terminal A

Departures; the sunrise on the runway

We were in the air when lunch time rolled around, so I ordered a little snack box with the cutest little can of chicken salad. I'm a sucker for miniaturizations.

The lobby of the resort was open on all sides and surrounded by pools and gorgeous fountains.

Can you spot the little fish in this tide pool?

I'll never take for the granted the gorgeous turquoise of the Gulf or Caribbean Sea. The Jersey Shore is not even comparable! I'd trade an over crowed boardwalk full of tourist shops for palm trees and coral reefs any day.

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