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Pocket tee (discount), maxi skirt $9 - Gap; neon belt $2 - eBay; horse ring $4 - Forever21
Earlier this season I began a pretty serious closet clean-out. I emptied out a quarter of my closet, two drawers of my dresser, along with the entirety of one armoire (I actually have two in my bedroom). Last year, when I first moved away to school, I made the mistake of packing almost everything I've ever worn and I didn't even end up touching half of it. I decided to make it a habit to go through all of my clothes at least twice a year, selling what I can, donating what won't sell, and then putting the proceeds and extra space towards newer purchases. I hope that this plan, along with my new determination to shop more selectively, will help me build a solid wardrobe with not only longevity, but my personal sensibility as well.

I noticed the other day, after I had packed up loads of rejected clothing, that I was lacking one serious basic: a white cotton t-shirt. Who doesn't own a white t-shirt? Me, at least last week that was me. This one I found at Gap and what I like most is the way it's cut: the sides taper in towards the bottom, leaving the top loose, but it doesn't bunch up when tucked into pants or skirts. But it runs rather large and even the small is loose on me. I wanted to wear this maxi skirt to work last week, and I thought such a large skirt called for a the simplest of tops, which apparently I didn't own. I'm just afraid of looking too "formal;" I feel like a character in a period film when I walk up the stairs because I have to hike my swishy skirt up past my calves to avoid falling on my face. I've already gather some ideas of how I could dress it up, with a huge necklace and top bun.

maxi by colouredtheory featuring a black belt

I'm also working my way through One Day. I'm a really big classics buff (I was that kid who loved every single book you had to read for AP English) and wouldn't have picked this out myself, but my friends have been passing their copies around now that the movie's out. They had to go see it without me because I have this sort of "rule," when I can help it, not to see a movie that's based on a book until I've read the book. I was anticipating it to be terribly cliche, but I think the characters are familiar without being too predictable. I also went through a British author phase in the beginning of high school (Nick Hornby, Louise Rennsion) and so I have a soft spot for them. I think it's the slang I like the most. 

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