Playa del Carmen

I should be paying more attention to my half-empty suitcase and less attention to my computer, considering a car will be in front of our house to drive us to the airport in less than six hours. But when do I ever get a full nights sleep? 

At least I already know what I'll be wearing; the less I have to think in the morning, the better. I'm in love with this knit motorcycle jacket I picked up in the store last week. It's just as soft and comfy as any sweatshirt (I'll call it the hoodie's cousin) and so I thought it would be great for when I inevitably doze off on the plane.

Scored this turnlock bag for less than $4 (!) at Target today. When I'm not using it as an purse for everyday it will comfortably fit my camera and a lens. I thought the coral pendant necklace I made was fitting for our tropical vacation, though people keep mistaking it for either reindeer antlers or chicken feet...

I'll have my laptop with me all weekend, and not because I'll be lost without it, only because somewhere between checking my bags and boarding my flight I have to register for fall classes. Eep! A vacation couldn't come soon enough. Perhaps you'll hear from me in Mexico!

Dress, $20; bag, $4 - Target
Sandals, $7 - Payless
Moto jacket (employee discount) - Gap 
Coral necklace - self made

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  1. I love that outfit! Have fun on your trip (if your not already back!)