Like a Sunset

Sheer blouse $10 - Tramp via Burlington Coat Factory / yellow skirt $14, gold necklace $11 - Forever21 / Bamboo Carmela wedge $25

This is what I wore last Friday on my day off from work. Perhaps it was a bit fancy for a day spent running errands. One of my stops was at the hardware store to pick up hex nuts for a DIY project and every single employee I passed by asked if I needed help. It surely wasn't my first time in the store, and I didn't think I looked helpless or lost...maybe just like I didn't belong? But thank you, 12 Lowe's employees, for each directing me to the hex nuts.

These shoes, despite being much taller than any other pair I own, are incredibly easy to walk in. I'm still easing my way into wearing heels and wedges on a regular basis; I like them so much and not being able to walk in tall shoes is a pit of a pathetic excuse, no? I also wear this necklace at least every other day because I love how it dresses up my outfits. I've worn it over sweaters, with dresses, and tucked under collars. But I'm still hunting for the perfect pair of black flats, for when I decide to give my poor feet a little rest. I think we have some contenders


  1. i love the yellow color of your skirt. perfect for fall/winter. xx sylvie

  2. i love this outfit! the yellow skirt is so cute and my favorite color! you have a great blog. Following!