Chambray and Gray Days

Chambray shirt $20- Gap / gray knit skirt $10 - Express / gold collar necklace $11 - Forever21 / black leggings $6, wedge boots - H&M

I'm not going to bore you all with how crazy work has been (you probably hear enough about it on my twitter), so I'll leave you with this one, concise statement: work is madness! 

My days on winter break have mostly been spent at the store, and this is a pretty typical work outfit. While most of my clothing is up at school I'll be remixing the living daylights out of what I could fit within my tiny rolling suitcase. Like I've said before, this chambray shirt is my favorite piece because of it's boundless versatility. I didn't want to bother with tucking it in and dealing with a potentially lumpy skirt so I just knotted it in the front instead. I was running a bit late and threw my hair into a bun so that I would have time to grab a bite to eat, which is something I used to never do (put my hair up, that is). Perhaps my hair was a sort of security blanket behind which I could hide. I had been telling myself that I was growing it out, but it had been the same length for about four years. Chopping off my dead ends was a rather liberating experience. My only issue with my packing choices is that I left my favorite flat lace-up boots at school, thinking I could just get by with my wedges, but when you're on your feet for a little over 8 hours you find yourself wishing for nothing but a chair to sit in for a little bit and a pair of flat shoes. 

I've made serious progress with gift shopping, hopefully I'll be able to finish by the end of today. Fingers crossed!

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