I'm In Transit

cable knit sweater - Gap
faux leather shorts $4 - Rampage via TJMaxx
green satchel $20 - Urban Outfitters
green ring $5; floral scarf $12 - H&M
vintage Coach loafers $5 - thrifted

I'll be honest: I bought this sweater for myself when I should have been shopping for Christmas gifts. In my defense, it's one of the few pieces of clothing I've purchased for myself for a couple of months now and it was a decision I sat on for several of weeks. I've also found several solid arguments to justify this purchase, one being that it was on sale 50% off, and the other being that it will continue to hold strong as a winter staple in my wardrobe. I also swear to start shopping for gifts, that being gifts for other people, as soon as I see my next paycheck. That's a promise.

As for the shorts, I guess I'm just on a faux leather kick. A friend of mine wore a really cool pair when we went dancing one night. I don't go out dancing very often, so my party wardrobe is almost nonexistent and I couldn't get her shorts out of my mind. I think I told her a dozen times that night how much I loved them, but I'm sure she couldn't hear over the booming dubstep. So perhaps I'm a bit biased when I say that leather shorts scream "party!" to me, but I tried my best to tone them down for work with classic pieces like my sweater and shoes. I ended up working a shift that was twice as long as I expected which was a bit of an adventure in itself, and closed the store last night just to open it today. This is what my managers have affectionately dubbed the "Clopen" shift. That's a hybrid of "closed" and "open" in case you missed it, and if you're as tired as I am then it's likely you did. I'm curled up in my bed with my Netflix instant queue chock full of Torchwood episodes, ready to relish my day off. 

P.S. - I'd like to send a  great big "thank you!" to my brother for taking my pictures, even if he did respond to my direction with a bit of sass.

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